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Headline for Best Snorkelling spots in Koh Phangan - Top Snorkelling Hubs in Captivating Koh Phangan
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Best Snorkelling spots in Koh Phangan - Top Snorkelling Hubs in Captivating Koh Phangan

As one of Thailand's top water sports hubs Koh Phangan is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the region. From Koh Ma to Mar Haad the area's top snorkelling venues are as follows.


Koh Ma

Tipped to be the best venue in all of Koh Phangan for snorkelling activities Koh Ma is a tiny islet that is accessible to snorkellers of every experience level. Connected to Mae Haad beach by a narrow sandbar the area is accessible during low tide while long tail boats also take snorkellers from Mae Haad to the snorkelling hotspots in Koh Ma. Snorkelling gear is available on the beach while Thong Sala town also has plenty of water sports gear stalls.


Haad Yao

Another rich marine life enclosure ideal for snorkelling is located in Koh Phangan's Haad Yao beach. With a coral reef conveniently located 400m from the beachfront the snorkelling area of Haad Yao is just a short swim away. Snorkellers can hope to catch a glimpse of blue spotted rays, porcupine fish, parrot fish and squirrel fish beneath the waves while fusiliers are also known to occupy the underwater sea beds off the coast of Haad Yao.


Haad Salad

Blessed with a scenic coral reef a mere 80 meters from the shore Haad Salad is a snorkeling enthusiast's dream come true. Renowned as one of the top snorkelling hubs of Koh Phangan the sea floors off the coast of Haad Salad boast both soft corals as well as hard corals. Marine life occupying the area includes butterfly fish, damsel fish and angelfish. Visitors who wish to explore the snorkelling hotspots around Haad Salad can book a boat tour to the area through reputed Koh Phangan resorts such as Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa.


Ao Haad Rin Beach, Southern Koh Phangan

Although Ao Haad Rin Beach is more popular as the venue of choice for Koh Phangan's Full Moon parties this stunning peninsula with not but two beaches on each side is a snorkelling hub as well. Haad Rin Nok which is also known as Sunrise Beach occupies the eastern quarter of Haad Rin and is renowned for its bay lined with golden sand. Ideal for snorkelling activities the area is perfect for underwater exploration during most of the year except from the months between October and March when the surf conditions are harsher than the remainder of the year.


Had Khom

As a quaint beach on the western fringes of Chaloklum Bay Had Khom is another not-to-miss highlight in Koh Phangan's snorkelling hubs list. Surrounded by a wide rimmed coral reef that shelters the bay from the waves the area is home to some of Koh Phangan's most pristine underwater environments. A variety of coral species are found on this live coral haven where multi-hued marine vegetation is found at every turn.


Ao Baan Tai Beach

As an extensive stretch of beach Baan Tai beach not only offers panoramic views of Koh Samui but also provides idyllic snorkelling conditions as well. As a popular beach holiday destination in Koh Phangan visitors vacationing in this paradise resort haven should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a day of snorkelling in Ao Baan Tai.


Ao Bottle Beach

Renowned for its breathtaking cove and gorgeous beaches flanked by verdant mountains Bottle Beach is another low -key snorkellers haven that's a short boat ride away from Chaloklum. The best time to explore what lies beneath the waves at this well-known beach hub is during the morning hours.


Mae Haad Beach

Home to colourful marine life and multihued coral reefs Mae Haad Beach's snorkelling hotspots are minutes from the beach front.