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Top things to do in Ubud - Must- Experience Activities in Ubud

As one of Bali's tourist hubs Ubud is a holiday Mecca that also offers a wide range of activities for adventurous travellers. From rafting to bike tours the area's top activities are as follows.


Tour the Ubud Monkey Forest

Tipped to be one of Ubud's natural treasures the Ubud Monkey Forest is one of Bali's most popular tourist attractions to date. As the home of countless grey long-tailed macaques the lush forest is a must-tour highlight for all first time visitors to Ubud. Dubbed the Padangtegal Sacred Monkey Forest or Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana the forest also contains ruins of ancient temples within its confines.


Explore the Puri Saren Royal Palace

Located within a stone's throw of the Ubud Art Market the Puri Saren Royal Palace is no ordinary royal household in Bali. As the residential palace of the royal family of Ubud this prominent landmark is a cultural highlight that should not be missed on a visit to the beach heaven. As a popular stopover for tourists the site is littered with visitors all year round. As a pristine example of Balinese garden design and ancient architecture it is difficult to fathom the well maintained palace was built during the 1800's. Dance showcases are also part of the daily program at the royal palace and visitors should not miss the chance to witness these performances.


Discover the Goa Gajah 'Elephant Cave

Tipped to be Ubud's most coveted archaeological hub the Elephant Cave of Goa Gajah is located close to the Bedulu village and is a temple complex of truly mammoth proportions. Reached via a series of steps the cave is accessible via courtyard littered with ancient ruins dating back to the 11th century. The cave itself is a sight to behold as frescoes and murals cover the former meditation venue. A Hindu temple is also part of the landscape while fountain laden pools which were unearthed in the early 50's are also on-site.


Tour the Blanco Renaissance Museum

As one of Ubud's lesser known cultural epicentres the Blanco Renaissance Museum is an engaging studio and gallery of the Philippine artist extraordinaire Don Antonio Blanco. Documenting the maestro's finest works in terms of paintings, compositions and illustrations the museum offers guided tours of the venue's inspiring collections. Visitors should also stopover at the restaurant named after Blanco's late spouse and enjoy breathtaking views from the museum's hilltop location.


Water Rafting On the Ayung River

Reputed to be one of Bali's top destinations for white water rafting Ubud is an adrenalin junkie's dream come true. Offering rafters the unique opportunity to glide across challenging rapids across breathtaking rainforests and waterfalls a rafting tour across the Ayung River is a once in a lifetime excursions in to Ubud's wild side.


Indulge in a Payangan Countryside Trek

As one of the most invigorating treks available in Ubud a tour of the Payangan countryside is one of the best excursions available through the Alila Ubud Bali. The Ubud hotel organizes the three and a half our walk across Ubud's scenic countryside landscapes across waterfalls and rivers to discover the natural attributes of this unspoiled corner of Bali. A visit to a traditional Balinese family home is also part of the tour in addition to sightings of flora and fauna unique to the area.


Take a Cooking Class

As an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family including young ones, Balinese cooking lessons are becoming a popular past time of travellers based in Ubud. Offered by resorts as well as seasoned chefs and local cooks in the area visitors can sign up for a course that delves in to the basics of Balinese cuisine.