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Headline for Most Famous Attractions in Ella - Top Highlights in Hill Station Vacation Mecca Ella
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Most Famous Attractions in Ella - Top Highlights in Hill Station Vacation Mecca Ella

As the highest placed hamlet in all of Sri Lanka Ella is a misty hill station hideaway for the holidaying masses. From waterfalls to local markets Ella's best attractions are as follows.


Ravana's Cave

Tipped to be one of Ella's most coveted cultural highlights Ravana's Cave is a must-visit attraction for all first time visitors to the tranquil hill station. As a location that is documented in the Hindu epic The Ramayana the venue is believed to have served as the hideaway of Ravana after having abducted Princess Sita from the arms of King Rama. Hikers will especially enjoy the long journey to the top of the hill to each the cave while nature lovers can also marvel at the beauty of the ancient cave formation and its breathtaking location. Visitors based in a reputed hotel such as the 98 Acres Resort & Spa can book hiking excursions in Ella similar to the Ravana Cave hike through the hotel.


Ella's Top Waterfalls

As the verdant home of more than a handful of the island's finest cascades Ella is the best place to reconnect with nature and explore some of its most breathtaking creations. Some of the must-see highlights among Ella's countless waterfalls include the Dunhinda Falls which propels white frothy liquid from a height of 210 feet while the island's highest placed cascade is also located in Ella. Known as the Bambarakanda Waterfall this mammoth force of nature is an impressive 865 feet in height. The period between September and October are deemed the best period to visit the Bambarakanda Waterfall while the Ella Gap Waterfall and the Ravana Ella Falls are equally captivating during this season of the year.


Ayurvedic Health Centres and Spas

Another popular a draw in the area is of course its many Ayurvedic spas and health care centres which provides holistic healing therapies as well as beauty treatments under one roof. Using the ancient Vedic medicinal knowledge of Ayurveda which employs plant extracts and natural remedies institutions in Ella such as the Hela Osu Suwapiyasa and Suwamadura provides a specialized service to spa patrons and patients alike. Massage sessions and herbal oil treatments are some of the sought after packages at venues such as the Suwadivi Ayurveda Health Care and the Suwa Pradeepa Spa while spa hotels such as 98 Acres Resort & Spa also provide a wide range of treatments for its clients and guests.


Tea Factories

As one of the country's top tea cultivation areas Ella is home to a vast number of tea factories and no visit to the area would be complete without a guided tour of these intriguing factory spaces. Producing some of the finest tea in the island visitors can pop over for a tour of Halpewatte Tea Factory, the Newburgh Estate or the Kinellan Tea Factory to understand the complex processes of manufacturing an aromatic cup of Ceylon tea.


The Ella Spice Garden

Offering visitors an in-depth look at the various spices that are required for Sri Lankan cuisine the Ella Spice Garden run by Chandika Madusanka and family is another well-known stopover for tourists. Containing a wide range of aromatic spices including pandan leaves, cinnamon, chillies and pepper the venue also offers culinary classes for visitors interested in learning the basics of preparing a traditional Sri Lankan meal.


Little Adam's Peak

Another attraction that draws hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers alike is Little Adam's Peak. Considered the smaller cousin of Sri Pada or Adam's Peak, where one finds traces of Lord Buddha's footprints atop a mammoth mountain, Little Adam's peak is no less spectacular with its 1141m height.