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Updated by Ginger Bratzel on Nov 17, 2015
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Dental Practice Marketing

Getting more dental patients doesn't have to be a struggle. And you don't have to do it alone. Let us show the best dental marketing options that are working now so you can do it faster and easier than doing it alone.

New Patient Attraction Automation: Effective Ways on How to Keep your Dental Schedule Full

Every dentist has dreams of seeing his/her dental practice scale high and become successful. Although it is good for your dental practice to be viable, attract prospective patients, and make profits, all this doesn't come on a silver plate.

Tips to Fill your Dental Schedule

Dental practice growth practice is an area that has continued to be a struggle and a frustration for many dentists. And because of this, many dentists are looking for efficient ways to attract new dental patients to their practices.

New Patient Attraction Automation: Reasons Why Your Dental Website Isn't Keeping Your Dental Schedule Full

Many dentists always worry about marketing their dental services on their websites. This is why dentists have invested in web designers to brand their image online.

How to Fill my Schedule

Keeping your dental Schedule full is no big deal when you have Ginger’s dental marketing programs with you. Contact us for more details!

How to Attract New Patients Using QR Coding

The dental industry has grown tremendously and the demand of dental services in some areas is competitive as dentists are trying to attract more new patients in their practices.

How to Effectively Manage Time in your Practice

Time is crucial in dental practice and as the dentist you have to find time to run your practice, preside over dental office marketing and develop your dental team.

How to Manage Time Effectively as a Dentist

For you to get the best out of your practice, as a dentist you’ve to manage your time effectively first. Many practices fail in this area.

Proven Ideas on How to Target Right Dental Patients

A dental office is full of ideal and there is no question about that. Targeted patients will keep your dental schedule full besides creating a sustainable growth of your practice.

How To Grow Your Dental Practice By Using 'ZMOT' Concept Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about 'ZMOT', 'Zero Moment of Truth' and how this applies to all consumers, including your dental patients.

How to Target Right Dental Patients for your Practice

Many dentists are struggling getting more dental patients in their practices and yet this should not be a challenge. Getting more dental patients is proving to be a tough hurdle to many dentists because of the stiff competition in the dental field and hard economic times.

The Power of Mobile Advertising in Dental Practice

As a dentist it is important tiphone-mobile-advertising-150x150hat you understand the essential component in maintaining and monitoring the overall health of your patients.

Using Social Media As A Research Tool

I wanted to share some insight with you that will help you fill your schedule and get more dental patients to your office and its right under your nose.

Generic Marketing Gets You Nowhere

A common problem I see when practices are trying to grow but are falling short is because they are using very generalized marketing.

Planning Your Future Marketing Campaign

Every dentist will not want to be left behind in his or her area. Effective dental office marketing can help your practice to get more dental patients.

Planning Your Future Marketing Campaign

Every dentist will not want to be left behind in his or her area. Effective dental office marketing can help your practice to get more dental patients.

Dental Snippets How Get More Dental Patients

Setting up a dental practice isn’t as easy especially bearing in mind the huge amount of money you have to invest in equipments, building and more.

Easily Get Lots Of Reviews And Fast

I work with dentists all over the country to get more patients and keep their schedule full by sharing dental marketing strategies that work.

Lessons From Disney: Teasing Your Dental Patients Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about teasing your patients to build excitement and anticipation.

Business Lessons From Disney: Using Your Senses To Attract More Patients Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about taking business tips live from Disney. Sight, smell, and sound is really important on a first impression, are your dental patients having a good experience?

How to Grow Your Practice and Get More Dental Patients

Running a dental practice has proved to be an uphill task to some dentists who have reached a certain point of efficiency.

How Effective is Mobile Advertising to Dental Practices

The use of social media nowadays has gone viral with almost everyone having either a Facebook or twitter account. Social media is not only restricted to people or certain age groups but it’s also an effective way of marketing dental practices.

Lessons From Disney: Doing Regular Monthly Maintenance In Your Dental Practice

During an early morning trip to Disneyland, I noticed a worker with his paint kit painting some handrails. Some areas of the park are painted each and every day to keep them pristine because they get a lot of wear.

Lessons From Disney: Teasing Your Dental Patients

If Disney is good at one thing it’s building excitement and anticipation. We didn’t even get an itinerary until a couple days before the first day.

Ideas How to Create the Perfect Call to Action

When creating an offer CTA, ensure it has some form of benefit to the audience. If not your results will suffer a huge blow.