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Best water sports in Beruwala – Fun in the Sun & Surf

Tipped to be one of the most popular beach hubs along Sri Lanka's southern coastal belt Beruwala is a water sports haven for the masses. Here are some of the area's best water sports activities.



As one of the most exciting water sports activities available in Beruwala and nearby Aluthgama and Bentota, parasailing is a water based activity available to visitors of all fitness levels. Accessible through a variety of beachfront tour operators in Beruwala the activity involves travelling across the skies with a parachute strapped on while a boat tugs participants along the water at high speeds. Ideal for adrenalin junkies and adventure enthusiasts alike the excursion is also available for groups of two, especially couples who wish to enjoy a romantic excursion together. Offering bird's eye views of Beruwala's scenic coastal landscapes the water sports activity is popular among seasoned visitors to the seaside hamlet.



Whether one is an expert windsurfer or a novice learning the ropes, the wind conditions in Beruwala are ideal for practicing this engaging water sports activity with friends and family. With windsurfing gear available through local tour operators and equipment rentals all avid windsurfers need to have is a healthy sense of adventure to experience the joys of this popular water sport.


Jet Ski Safari

Accessible to tourists of all ages, jet ski rides offer holidaymakers the thrill of a lifetime in Beruwala's pristine oceanscapes. Gliding across the water at high speeds the wave crashing experience is akin to no other water sports activity thanks to the sheer power and force of the machinery. Jet ski rides are easily available on Beruwala beach hubs through resort havens and local vendors. Driving a Jet ski does require some experience although visitors without previous experience can also try their hand at the activity with the help of resort instructors.



Exploring the underwater gardens of Beruwala is another activity open to water sports enthusiasts vacationing in the coastal paradise. With its seabed littered with coral reefs and innumerable marine species, scuba diving beneath the surface the azure oceans is a wonderful way to discover the unbridled beauty of Beruwala's natural attributes. Visitors based in reputed Sri Lanka beach hotels such as Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, can inquire about diving expeditions and diving lessons in Beruwala through the hotel.


Body Surfing

Although body surfing is a relatively unfamiliar activity to beachgoers in Sri Lanka's coastal holiday hubs it is also one of the most rewarding and relaxing water sports activities available in Beruwala. Using a surf board as a make-shift plank, body surfing relies on hand paddling and the force of the waves to propel forward.



Blessed with calm, clear waters the ocean landscapes off the coast of Beruwala are ideal for swimming activities for the whole family. With sunny weather conditions and warm waters occupying the fringes of the ocean visitors with children can enjoy a morning swim before heading out to explore Beruwala's cultural highlights or go for a swim during the magical hours of dusk to experience the water without the harsh rays of the sun beating down on the surroundings.