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Updated by Raphael Fitzherbert on Jul 17, 2015
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Best Surfing Spots to Try in Maldives - a delight for the enthusiast

The Maldives are undoubtedly a splendid environment for surfers, with a host of delightful surfing spots that will entertain the enthusiast. Some of these outstanding surfing spots are listed below.



This well-known surfing location is named after the chicken farm which may be found in the local island. On days with conducive wind features and big swells, this location has been acclaimed as one of the finest surfing spots on the globe. However it is only suitable for experienced or intermediate level surfers. The swell sizes here range from 3 feet to more than 10 feet, offering rides as long as 500 m in length. Chickens offers extended left-handed waves with two discernible sections.



This attractive surf spot is situated in proximity to Thulusdhoo Island and derives its name from the Coca-Cola bottling plant which is located at this island. Also recommended for intermediate or experienced surfers, this spot offers right-handed waves that sometimes feature large swells. These waves break over a shallow stretch of reef and are reputed as one of the finest surfing waves in the Maldives. Cokes is at its best when the wind blows from the northeast and south.



Situated at Thamburudhoo Island this fine surf spot is reputed as featuring amongst the most regular waves to be found on Male Atoll. Considered to be an outstanding and lengthy world-standard site with right-handed waves, this appealing surfing spot is at its best during high tides. The site may be considered to feature three distinct sections; of which the steep take-off section is known as 'Phantoms' and leads into an extended very speedy section known as 'Pinnacles'. All of the sections offer a thrilling ride, with one ride ranging from 100 to up to 150 m in length.



Within the central Atolls you will find Mikado, a site offering consistent waves that is however comparatively unprotected from strong winds. It offers very forceful right-handed waves that feature hollow, fast walls which create entertaining barrel movements. Surfers will find that Mikado functions well during the high tides, and when it is in full flow it offers sensational surfing entertainment.



Surfers will find that Muli features breaks that work in two ways; outside at the site known as 'Mushrooms' and inside at 'F1'. You will see that F1 is a very quick right hander that is hollow and features extended walls. These waves may in fact be shallow, but have a safe conclusion as they are adequately sheltered from significant southerly breezes. On the other hand Mushrooms features additional swells, with a right handed flow that is particularly effective in south-westerly winds.



This relatively gentle right hander may be enjoyed in all tide conditions, but is at an optimum level during high tides when the swells reach more than four feet in extent. This is due to the fact that the stretch of reef is shallow. Castaways is at its optimum level during northerly winds. It is also a very picturesque and attractive location with a beautiful setting and many kinds of marine creatures. In order to enjoy these surfing highlights an outstanding accommodation would be Naladhu Maldives, one of the Maldives luxury resorts which offers excellent rooms and conveniences.


Love Charms

This left hander is renowned for its consistent conditions, functioning in all levels of swells. These waves may be enjoyed in all tide conditions and adapt to varying wind courses. Having said that, it is noteworthy that the best conditions at this site are when the waves are small in size, with easterly winds and low tides. Overall this spot offers attractive lengthy waves that are fun to traverse.