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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Hanoi - a captivating city

The charming city of Hanoi offers a host of interesting attractions for the visitor. Many of these highlights are beautiful sights that will capture the imagination of visitors, as described below.


Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

This citadel is a fascinating monument that has great significance in the history of Vietnam. Confirming its cultural and historical importance, it has been identified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The highlight of the complex is the central tower which is an iconic feature of the citadel, often portrayed as a proud symbol of the city of Hanoi. The Citadel was the central point of the city in ancient times and functioned as the political hub of the nation for many centuries. Even today it is an impressive sight that will capture the interest of the visitor.


Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The great leader Ho Chi Minh is revered as Vietnam's most admired leader. Visitors may see the leader's preserved remains within a glass receptacle in this mausoleum. Far from just being a visitor attraction, the mausoleum is considered to be an important part of the nation's heritage. The construction of this handsome burial place commenced in 1973, with its design based on Lenin's final resting place in Russia. At the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum visitors will be able to observe the great respect and veneration accorded by the local people to this iconic leader.


Water Puppet Theatre

No visit to Hanoi would be complete without experiencing the distinctive water puppet performances that are held in a number of theatres in the city. Prominent amongst these is the Thang Long Theatre which is in fact the original theatre in the city for these performances. In these intriguing shows the puppets slide and dance over the fluid stage, manipulated by a group of puppeteers hidden by a screen. The subjects of the puppet shows include traditional life in the villages, farming harvests and mythical dances. The puppet performances are accompanied by live musicians who provide a lively musical backdrop for the shows.


Perfume Pagoda

This splendid temple compound is considered to have been originally constructed as far back as in the 15th century. The complex features an array of Buddhist shrines which have been constructed within a range of mountains amidst a labyrinth of alleyways hewn from the rock. The compound is framed by an idyllic scene of verdant forests and a host of flowing streams. Perfume Pagoda is situated some distance from the urban centres in the picturesque Son Mountains. The journey to the site is an attraction in itself, as you must take a boat ride to the base of the mountains. In order to enjoy the many attractions of the region, attractive Hanoi serviced apartments such as Somerset West Lake Hanoi would be an excellent accommodation choice.


Ngoc Son and Hoan Kiem Lake

The Hoan Kiem Lake or Turtle Lake is one of Hanoi's central attractions and a popular leisure spot for tourists as well as local residents. Ngoc Son Temple stands on a small islet in the middle of the lake, connected by a scenic bridge. This scene makes a picturesque sight and an alluring backdrop for some attractive photos. At around the time of sunset this site becomes a popular place for couples seeking romance and joggers. The lake is a delightful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation and leisure.