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Top Things to Enjoy in Bali

If you are looking to experience some thrilling outdoor activities then Bali is the place to be. The City is renowned for its culture and of course recreational activities that have visitors of all ages travelling from across the world to partake in the Island's adventures. Here's a look at the 5 best things to do in Bali;


Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

If its Bali you are headed to then you cannot miss out on the attractive beaches. The beaches are of course the most welcoming of all destinations and Bali will make sure it gives you a memorable time. Dubbed the Diver's Paradise you can either choose Nusa Dua or Tulamben; both sites are safe and cater to beginners as well. Diving under supervision is always a better way to enjoy a good time in Bali. You may choose to partner with PADI instructors; wouldn't cost much and that way are assured of professionalism and safety.


Museum Pacifika

Museum Pacifika offers all holiday makers something different. Bali is quite well known for its thrilling exciting activities but this place would certainly have all those visitors set their eyes on some fine arts. The Museum features over 200 Artistes from 25 countries and is home to some very unique art works of different origins. On the list includes Indonesian Artistes such as Raden Saleh and Nyoman Gunarsa who are quite the pick when it comes to local Arts. Its arts and crafts which reflect the diverse traditions, cultures and practices don't just merely sooth your eyes but they are also of high educational importance. Conveniently located in Nusa Dua if you are headed down to Bali then you might as well consider a few good resorts in Nusa Dua; if you are looking for fine accommodation then The Laguna Resort & Spa Bali is a good pick for it allows you to a explore a multitude of options.


Monkey Forest in Bali

Your journey to Bali must include a tour to the infamous Monkey forest. The inhabitants will of course warmly welcome you to their haven. Hundreds of grey long-tailed Macaque inhabit these forests and is today a natural attraction that has many visitors around the world visiting to catch a glimpse of these creatures of the wild. Feeding the animals is not advised; visitors are often requested to hold tight onto their belongings for these monkeys are full of gimmicks and may run into the wild with the backpacks only to ransack them for anything that's worthy of being eaten.(


Bali Safari & Marine Park

The Bali Safari & Marine Park should be your next stop. Since its inception in 2007 it has housed over 60 species who are allowed to saunter freely through enclosures built to simulate their natural habitats. A place where the whole family can enjoy a good day's fun with joy rides, talent shows and even an opportunity to get close and personal with baby elephants. Water and amusement parks too are within close proximity and provides a wonderful experience! The park features a number of animals like Zebras, camels, Ostriches and even white tigers! Make the Bali Safari & Marine Park a priority on your next tour!


Elephant Cave in Bali - Goa Gajah

You might expect a description full of joy rides on Elephants but here goes the disclaimer the Elephant cave in fact does not have any elephants, yes that's right; Goa Gajah located on the western edge of Bedulu Village dates back to the 11th century and houses various structures depicting Hindu influence. The cave also has some very interesting unique elements of Bhuddist culture visible in the many artefacts' of the site. Nevertheless, the relics of the Goa Gajah are yours to discover.