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Jobs that Use Slope

Use this list to find a career to research. You will then present the career and how the occupation uses slope to do their job. You will create an Animoto video to present the career to the class. Since your presentation is in video format, you will need pictures with very few words. Let your pictures and short explanations do the "talking" for you. Embed the video into your blog. Comment on three classmate's blogs. Include a short explanation of your video (3-5 sentences).

Jobs That Use Math Slopes | eHow

Mathematical slope can be used to measure the steepness of a mountain, the growth of money in a bank account and the ups and downs of the national unemployment rate or a roller coaster. Its formula is based on changes in the "x" and "y" axes of a graph on which data is plotted.

Pilots and flight engineers: Working with slope-intercept form - 8th grade math - CareerStart lessons: Grade eight

Don't pay attention to the lesson plan part of this assignment. Just read about the career and how it applies slope.

Personal trainers: Working with slope - Algebra - CareerStart lessons: Grade eight

Don't pay attention to the lesson plan. Just read about the career options.

Hi Lacey, Slope is a measure of steepness.

We Use Math " Careers

5 of the 6 "Best Jobs" in terms of low stress, high compensation, autonomy, and hiring demand in the "Job Related Almanac" by Les Krantz are all math related.

7 Dream Jobs That Require Math - DreamBox Learning

Every child dreams big. Kids want to be sculptures, veterinarians, zoo keepers, pilots, baseball players, dancers -- kids are only limited by their imaginations!

Math Career Resources |

2.1 The School of Physical Sciences' s Mentor Program 2.2 The Career Center at UCI 2.3 List of local companies who have expressed interest in math majors at recent UCI job fairs 2.4 List of national companies offering Internships and full time jobs suitable for math majors 2.5 Other job search resources

Animoto - Video Maker & Photo Slideshow Maker | Animoto

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