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Employment Screening Services

All topics related to Employment Screening Services & background check of employees from employer.

Get Special Offer Free Background Check for Employers: The Source

The Source is offering you free background check of employees for employers. Since we know that you must be tired of finding the right custom package. Let The Source plan your custom package background Screening needs. We realize that every business is remarkable, and we'll take the time to create a solution that works for you.

Federal Search

Excellence in Pre-Employment screening Security The Source offers a wide variety of services that will allow you to hire with confidence It isn't necessary--and may in fact be overly intrusive--to run all types of available searches on an applicant, or even to run the same checks on all of your applicants.

The Source a FCRA Employment Screening Company

Excellence in Pre-Employment screening Security The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) is an important factor in every Background Check that an employer requests. Failure to comply with the myriad and confusing details of the FCRA can have grievous results.

Get Credit Check Service from The Source

The Employment Credit report is exactly what it says--an employment-related credit history report. This particular report can be used for employment purposes only, and protects the privacy and security of the applicant by eliminating account numbers of credit cards and other credit accounts.

Everything You Need to Know about Employment Background Checks

While doing a background check on your potential dates might seem weird and unruly, doing a background checks on your employees is a must. After all, a bad date will only ruin your evening, but a bad employee can leave a sour taste in your mouth, ruin your company's reputation, take away your trade ...

Advantages of Employment Screening Services

These days more and more people are getting are getting fined by the government or receiving lawsuits because they have been employing individuals who aren't authorized to work. Thousands of companies are dishing out employees they hired because these individuals have a criminal records.

Get Drug Screening Test from The Source in an Hour

Since many companies understood the value of Drug Screening test on both new hires as well as existing employees &these days E-Screen is emerged as useful tools for drug testing, which can give the drug test result within the hour.

The Source : Excellence in Education Verification

The most common level of Education Verification is last or highest degree—only the highest awarded degree is verified. In the event that the applicant has not received an advanced degree, the client can choose between a high school diploma/GED verification or verification of most recent college or university attendance.

Get Criminal Background Check at Affordable Price

This confidential criminal background check searches public records for criminal offenses such as felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs. Your Criminal Records Report includes, when available, offense type and date, court name, case number, outcome of the charges, and more.

Contact The Source for Social Security Validation

In the United States, a Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents under section 205(c)of the Social Security Act, codified as 42 U.S.C. & 405(c).

Why We Need employment screening Service?

These days, newspapers, social media and television channels are always bombarding people with reports of frauds within the company, growing number of sexual assaults and violent behavior inside and outside the offices and the overall threats to the safety and security of companies.

How to Reduce Fraudulent Hires through Background Checks

There is one thing that's common between small and big companies- they are all prone to frauds. Surveys and researches suggest that companies can lose 5 percent or even more of their annual revenue due to fraudulent activities practiced by the staff. In fact, employees are likelier to commit frauds instead of the bosses within the company.

Get Affordable Civil Search Services : The Source

Civil Search services from "The Source" can tell you a lot about a person's reliability and responsibility level, you can get the complete life records of anything from victim of circumstance to person who lacks the skills to resolve life problems!

Hire The Source for Criminal Background check

The Source: Personnel Information offers a wide variety of background check services that will allow you to hire with confidence It isn't necessary and may in fact be overly intrusive--to run all types of available searches on an applicant, or even to run the same checks on all of your applicants.

Why Choose Pre-Employment Screening Services

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Hire The Source for Employment Screening Services

The Source: Personnel Information Service is dedicated to protecting companies and their employees through extensive background screenings and drug testing services. The Source combines experience, advanced technology and unparalleled customer service to ensure that an employer’s screening services are fast, affordable and effective.

Get Background Check Services in Affordable Cost

The Source: Personnel Information Service Verifications Services helps organizations in conducting background check of new and current employees which can assist employers to make smart hiring decisions through a comprehensive suite.

A Background Check- an Absolute Must!

It is an absolute necessity to run a background check on candidates before recruiting them. It is to validate everything that they may have written in their resume but can only be relied on when they are deemed correct. This is what is gained from the investigation.

Get Employment Screening Services from The Source

The Source provides comprehensive background screenings services to companies nationwide and internationally. The Source keeps a strong focus on compliance and abides by all FCRA regulations. By combining industry experience of over 15 years with the latest technology, our solutions deliver fast and accurate results.

The Source : Background Checks Service in Texas

Employers check both job applicants and existing employees for several reasons. The things an employer wants to know about you can vary with the kinds of jobs you might seek. These are a few of the reasons employers conduct background screening like Negligent hiring, Terrorist acts, False or inflated information, Federal and state laws etc.

How to conduct a good background check?

In today's world, with the progress of technology, unfortunately, ways and means of carrying out blatant deception have become much easier. Not only are the options numerous but the ways to access them have also become more easy, and at times quite attractive.

Prevent Company From Fraud Employee with Employment Screening Services

Employees come from different regions and backgrounds. A few minutes' interview can never help the interview panel judge the person and his/her credentials. Someone with a criminal mind can easily manipulate the things and get entry in any organization. To prevent company from such employee frauds and money laundering, employer should hire services of employment detectives.

Benefits of Hiring a Background Check Company

A background check company can save you the time and effort of performing time-consuming reference checks on individuals. Background Bureau background check company located in Torrance, CA ( The Source: Personnel Information Service ), has over 20 years experience in investigative risk management, ensuring that your organization hires the right people.

Types and Benefits of Employment Screening

Checking the background of a candidate who is suitable for the said designation in a company is a task best accomplished by human resource department. As some applicants try to provide false information to get a job, so companies perform employment screening or hire a third party resource to ensure that the information provided by the candidate is true.


Employment Screening Services For Background Verification

Employment Screening Services For Background Verification

Low-cost hiring means nothing if the information of background you get is inaccurate and incomplete. Nowadays there is multiple employment screening organization were providing live search in each and every county court exposed through their extensive screening process, which helpful for the background check of workers.