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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 6.07 – 13.07.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 6.07 – 13.07.2015

There's Finally an Official Star Wars App To Feed Your Obsession 24/7

There's no shortage of Star Wars-related games on the iTunes and Google Play stores, but today finally sees the launch of the first official Star Wars app that will now serve as your one-stop portal for everything from news, to trivia, to even sound effects.

Heineken International: SafeStamp | Ads of the World™

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA Art Directors / Copywriters: Divya Seshadri, Meghan D O'Neill

Facebook Flat - lżejszy, szybszy i ładniejszy Facebook - AntyWeb

Wprawdzie to nie pierwsza próba poprawiania Facebooka, ale wydaje mi się, że najbardziej udana jak do tej pory. Dzięki zwykłemu rozszerzeniu do Google Chrome udało się uzyskać efekt przejrzystości i do tego w ładnej oprawie. Po zainstalowaniu Facebook Flat, serwis podzielony został na 3 części.

Streaks for Android helps you stick with your new habits

I have no problem getting on a diet, jotting down my thoughts in a journal and generally picking up any healthy new habits - sticking with them, however, proves to be a major challenge. That's where Streaks comes in. This habit tracker for Android is ased on comedian Jerry Seinfeld's 'don't break the chain' productivity method.

Ad of the Day: Coca-Cola's Minimalist Can Promotes a World Without Labels

Coca-Cola has toyed with its packaging once again, this time to join the global movement for equality and tolerance-by removing its own label off its products to promote a world without labels and prejudices.

Unlikely Best Friends: Kleenex

Unlikely Best Friends: Kleenex | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.

Twitter Officially Launches Its Mobile Ads Manager

Twitter today officially announced the launch of its new mobile Ads Manager, which allows users of Twitter's smartphone applications to track their ad campaigns' performance - including their impressions, engagements, spend, cost per engagement, and engagement rate - while on the go.

Google's navigation app Waze opens up its first carpooling trials

Google-owned mapping service Waze has started a carpooling trial in Tel Aviv, Israel, according to Reuters. The service, called RideWith, will charge a small fee for passengers to pay fellow drivers for a lift to or from work. Unsurprisingly, it'll use Waze's mapping app for navigation.

Facebook Videos now float to make it easier to watch and scroll

A new button that's quietly appeared on Facebook for some today allows video to be popped out from the newsfeed so you can keep watching as you scroll. Once pressed, the video continues playing and floats out of the way on the lower left of the screen.

Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Takes Back Bacon in This Silly Anti-Craze Campaign

If you needed further evidence that the bacon craze has completely imploded, Taco Bell is making fun of the universal obsession with the stuff to pitch a new product ... of which bacon is an integral part.

Nadchodzi Wordpress 4.3, a w nim garść praktycznych i bardzo użytecznych nowości - AntyWeb

Od kilku dni na serwerach WordPressa dostępna jest pierwsze wersja beta wydania z numerkiem 4.3. Nowości, jakie nadchodzą wielkimi krokami to coś więcej niż tylko delikatny lifting. Twórcy skupiają się na możliwości jeszcze prostszego personalizowania layoutów, rozwijają edytor favicon, a także wprowadzają łatwiejsze formatowanie do edytora wizualnego.

Logitech has a colorful new logo, design focus

Logitech probably isn't a name you associate with beautiful products, but the company hopes you will. Today the company has announced a new logo and brand identity intended to bring a "colorful new attitude" to its products. A new label, "Logi," will appear on future products and Logitech hints that there will be "surprises" in new product categories.

If You're Going To Use Carousel Ads, Do It Like Tesco!

Instagram introduced its new carousel ads a few months back now. The big novelty is that these ads are now clickable, for the first time since Instagram has removed all hyperlinks from its platform years ago. Of course, carousel ads are also multi-image ads, and this is were brands can get creative.

Fanpage Trends 06.2015 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Zobacz, co działo się na Facebooku w Polsce w minionym miesiącu. Przeczytaj raport Fanpage Trends przygotowany przez Sotrender.

Send a Tweet to Coke's Digital Billboard, and It'll Tell You Fun Facts About Your Name

Following up its clever drinkable billboard for Coke Zero, Coca-Cola has launched another eye-catching outdoor idea, this time in Times Square. The new billboard continues to build off Coke's name-obsessed "Share a Coke" campaign by showing fun facts about the names of people who tweet to the sign.

Nie tylko geolokalizacja. Zobacz, jak ekrany LED w reklamie wykorzystują najlepsi

Z miesiąca na miesiąc przybywa realizacji, w których marki wykorzystują technologiczne możliwości ekranów LED. Aktualizacja layoutu w czasie rzeczywistym na wszystkich nośnikach, niezależnie od ich lokalizacji, to tylko jeden z wielu argumentów, który przekonuje marki do korzystania z technologii cyfrowych nośników reklamy zewnętrznej - pisze dla Paulina Sacha z MyLed i przedstawia kolejną porcję case'ów z zagranicy, w których do zrealizowania kampanii wykorzystano możliwości cyfrowych nośników kontrolowanych online.

Official Star Wars Android and iOS app lets you take a selfie with Princess Leia

Star Wars isn't exactly lacking in mobile content and games, but the Disney is today finally releasing an official Star Wars app on Android and iOS where you can read all the breaking news on the blockbuster franchise, history and trivia facts, as well as enjoy a mix of goofy features sure to make fans happy.

Czytnik za złotówkę z abonamentem na ebooki w Legimi. Lepszej okazji do e-czytania nie będzie - AntyWeb

Model, w którym za symboliczną złotówkę (grosz, dziesięć groszy itp.) otrzymujemy urządzenie wraz z umową na 2-3 lata sprawdza się u operatorów od lat. Dotąd jednak nie widziałem, żeby ktoś z sukcesem przeniósł go na inny grunt. Legimi może być pierwsze, bo ich propozycja zapowiada się fantastycznie.

Instagram photos are now bigger and better

Here's what the Instagram of the very near future looks like Just over a week ago, I wrote plaintively about Instagram's archaic 640 x 640 resolution and the need to move with the times and give users the ability to upload larger images.

Nike Celebrates the 'Real Girls of Moscow' With Empowering Ads, Murals and GIFs

In April, Nike Women launched its popular "Better for It" motivational campaign in the U.S. Now, the sportswear giant is expanding the tagline in Russia. A half-dozen new spots from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam feature the same playful attitude and general message-that the benefits of exercise outweigh the challenge-but take a slightly different tone, as you might expect from ads that feature professional athletes instead of the average exercisers represented in the U.S.

Will Brands Come Calling for Carli Lloyd, the Surprise Star of the Women's World Cup?

The U.S. team's rout of Japan in yesterday's Women's World Cup final has led to talk that Carli Lloyd, winner of the Golden Ball as the tournament's best player, should be put on the $10 bill. But, while the chances that honor goes to her are probably not very high, the odds are considerably better that Lloyd will be seeing plenty of U.S.

Babies' Poop Faces Captured in Glorious Slow Motion in Award-Winning Pampers Ad

Everyone knows babies make hilarious faces when they poop. For that matter, so do most adults. Whether or not knowing this universal truth entices you to watch a medley of babies' faces as they poop is a gamble that Saatchi & Saatchi London decided to take.

Twitter wants to know your birthday so it can give you e-balloons and show 'relevant content'

Have a birthday coming up? Twitter wants to help you celebrate. If you edit your Twitter profile to include your birth date, your profile will look slightly different on cake day. There will be balloons, and only on the Web version of Twitter.

Can you spot the important change in Facebook's friends icon?

Did you notice that the little, unassuming "Friends" icon in the upper right corner of your Facebook has undergone a major makeover? Caitlin Winner, a design manager at Facebook, wrote in a Medium post today that she noticed something off about how the faceless silhouettes of a man and a woman were initially designed.

Google unveils Material Design Lite to help websites look more like Android apps

Your favorite website may soon look a lot like an Android app. Google has announced Material Design Lite (MDL), which brings its Material Design design guidelines to the Web using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Google says MDL is framework agnostic, and can be used with just about any front-end solution a web designer or developer might want to use.