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Updated by Chrissanne Long on Jul 11, 2017
Headline for Local Bloggers to Follow in Polk County
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Local Bloggers to Follow in Polk County

I love my hometown. There are some great people working to make a difference, or just share their ideas with the world. I can find all the like-minded people I will probably never meet, but I really wanted a place to collect all of the great people in Polk County who are writing, and building their online legacy. So, I created this list. I want others to add their blogs to the list too! Because I think it will be AWESOME to have a place to go to find local inspiration!

The Balance Culture

Join the Culture! Sign up to receive email updates when new content is posted. Don't miss out! So, this week I was suppose to write about my blogging tips and I actually did write them, but I'm not sharing them...

Home - Chrissanne Long | Reinventing Awesome

People Over Profit reak the System. Live with Purpose. Be More Successful. Can you imagine a world (or a city) in which all business owners, CEO's, Presidents and Entrepreneurs embrace this business philosophy? When I connect with messages like this, I get a feeling I can't describe - a reassurance that I am not crazy [...]

Spark Home - State of the Spark

Free resources to help you grow. Get access to premium success content by upgrading to Spark Citizen.

An Honest Word -

Our story isn't the traditional type. Fact is, if your 9 year son had been diligent about completing his work & didn't daydream constantly we may never have met! The first time I looked into those ocean blue eyes of yours during that parent/teacher conference 15 years ago I knew you were someone I wanted to know a bit more.

Catalyst John

This was some of the best advice I have ever received. I was about to run up several flights of stairs while holding a ram and my friend reminded me how to beat this stage of the SWAT tryouts.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

From the time that I found out that I was has been a roller coaster of emotions. Excited...nervous.....stressed...extremely happy....crying for no reason....panicking, smiling for a million reasons...and all of the above.

Blog - Wildlife Removal Experts

I receive many calls daily regarding Snake problems. To me, understanding snakes is half the battle in living with them. Probably the first issue is determining if a snake is venomous. There are a few simple signs, and further in this article I'll discuss and describe the most common central Florida Snakes.

Jen Teague | Professional Writing and Job Seeker Services

Most employers do not give enough thought to the Millennials, but they are coming to a workforce near you. It is important to recognize what they have to offer and what they want so that you can compete and get the best talent available.

Lakeland Law Blog

This is a blog regarding legal updates and analysis for Lakeland, Florida and beyond. The blog presents general information and is not intended as legal advice. You should not act on any information contained on this website without seeking professional advice from a lawyer licensed in your state or country.

Relationship Builders of Lakeland

We believe in your happiness. Call 863-660-6556 Have you discovered proof that your partner has violated your trust? Or do you have a terrible feeling about the amount of time he or she spends away from home? Not all marriages can or should be saved.

eat a duck | purveyors of delectable discourse

I've seen this dish many times in magazines and on cooking shows, yet never thought to do it myself. Hindsight being what it is, I realize now that it's because of the remarkable ease of preparation, not to mention its natural photogenic quality.

Home Page -

Legal mumbo-jumbo/FTC disclaimer: Some, but not all, of the links for products/services that are mentioned on various pages & posts are affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission if you click the link to make a purchase (at no additional cost to you).

Rap with Nic - Real Time, Real Men Only


The Acting Mom

I knew it was going to be a unique experience when the director sent out three different call times for my first day on set. The initial location on the call sheet was an island, which could only be reached by boat.

The Compassionate Caretaker |

Insights and advice from a Hospice nurse.

blog | a fine press

One of my favorite shop techniques happens to be one of the most labor intensive. It's duplexing: When we glue two or more substrates together to make a sandwich of printed goodness. We typically duplex a project for one of a few reasons: To obtain a paper thickness unavailable from the mill.

Blog from Public Relations Firm in Tampa and Lakeland

Tips, tricks and tools of the trade are shared on the blog of Lorrie Walker Communications, a public relations firm in Tampa and Lakeland.

Chicks With Ticks....

That's right, there is a time and a season for everything. You are probably thinking, "Jacque, there are only four seasons." But, I am here to tell you that there are infinite seasons. Let me tell you what I mean by that.

Lakeland Florida News and Information

News and Features for Lakeland Florida Residents

Jordan Weiland Photography Blog

Sometimes weddings come together and all of the elements are magical. Courtney + Jon had a destination wedding in the city of Denver this May that was just adorable. From their invitations to the hanging florals and the farm tables, it was cloaked in beauty throughout the entire day.




A question we've all been asked. The answer according to the 3 year old me has stuck with my family for years. One, because it was cute, and two because I had a lovely speech impediment to make it sound even cuter! I wanted to be a makeup dirl and a donut dirl - Come on!




Welcome to CNQR academy. We build higher caliber minds, bodies, and lives. Want to train here? Launch your free CNQR account and level up your CNQR rank.

Martha Seddon

I am a nonfiction writer currently living in my home state of Florida. My primary genres are nonfiction articles and essays, but I also love poetry and children’s literature. Themes center around psychology, personal growth, parenting, and nature.

Sunglow Photography

Dustin Prickett is a Florida based wedding and lifestyle photographer specializing in authentic narrative story telling.