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Updated by Roger T. Pipe on Aug 06, 2017
Headline for 7 Factors that Brought on Porn's Armageddon
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7 Factors that Brought on Porn's Armageddon

Depending upon whom you ask, the adult entertainment industry is either in dying a not-so-slow death or already six feet under. Regardless of your level of optimism, there is no doubt that XXX has been in a complete economic freefall for last decade. As with shift in an industry as big as adult entertainment, there are plenty of factors that brought us to this situation.

Here are the seven main factors that have crippled the XXX industry.


A Glut of Product

A Glut of Product

A Glut of Product: As porn switched from videotape, to DVD and finally to a web-based distribution system the market became flooded with product. Customers no longer had their choices limited to what could fit on the shelves on their local video store or smut shack. Suddenly virtually every scene from every XXX movie was available in some form. The flood of compilation DVD and all-inclusive web memberships quickly saturated the market with more porn than fans could watch in a lifetime.