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Updated by Joey Perera on Jul 09, 2015
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5 Dating Rules to Keep in Mind

There are so many dating rules that are published online or in magazines, but not all are applicable. What are those that matter more?


Check if you’re mature enough for dating

There is no such thing as the right age for dating, but ask yourself if you feel that you are mature enough to care for another individual. Going out with someone might be a fun activity, but there are emotions involved and rights that you must not trample at all cost.


Check if your heart is strong enough

And why is this necessary? This is because a date can either make or break your heart. It may not be a good idea to expect disappointments, but don’t overlook the possibility either. So find out of you are now ready to face happiness or heartaches.


Check if you know who you really want to be with

Dating may or may not lead to marriage, but it pays to know that you share certain similarities with your date, in case it does lead to the altar. Know where you stand based on your own standards.


Know where you want to lead the relationship

Make sure that the two of you are moving towards the same direction and not on opposing routes. If there are telltale signs of incompatibility, it is best to put an end to the dating stage.


Check if you’re happy

Your happiness and that of your partner is all that matters, really. Because, if one of you is unhappy, it would affect the relationship big time.



Dating is a complex matter and 5 rules to think about may seem lacking or too much for you. Without them, however, going out with someone in more than one occasion would not be as enjoyable. Rules are also designed to keep romance less chaotic, but not boring or restricted.

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