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Updated by Samuel Leggedon on Jul 09, 2015
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Things to Consider when Choosing a Workplace Design

Designing a workplace is not just about its look and function, its about how the place will simulate the people working in it to do and enjoy their jobs.

Consider the Advise of your Designers

Designers can advise you on the ideal layouts for your new office, whether you are moving into a blank space or need to demolish a few walls, they can ensure you make the most effective use of your space whilst maintaining compliance with OH&S and Council regulations.

How Do I Choose the Best Workplace Design?

Workplace designs often are created to increase workflow and productivity among the people who share the workspace. Your best workplace design can depend on the type of industry you work in and what goals you have in terms of productivity. Generally, the best workplace design is one that maximizes space, encourages interaction and increases the comfort levels of employees.

Consider choosing a layout and furniture that is curved and rounded.

The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. This has serious consequences for our psychological well-being and creative performance. Given that many of us spend years working in the same room, or even at the same desk, it makes sense to organize and optimize that space in the most beneficial ways possible.

Designing green areas in the office where plants can flourish.

Being happy in the workplace is very important. People who enjoy their jobs and office environments will be more determined to work to the best of their abilities and keep procrastination to a minimum. It is true to say that a happy worker who feels valued and appreciated will invest time to get the job right.

5 Awesome Design Practices to Increase Workplace Productivity

When you think of workplace productivity, I'll bet workplace design isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But, did you know that every aspect of your small business's design has an impact on the way your employees do their job and behave?

4 Reasons You Should Consider This Alternative Office Design

Sometimes building a new headquarters is especially difficult. When my company, a global 1,000-person professional learning platform called GLG, was in the middle of our pivot, we felt our new office could help define our future, but we had two unexciting options. One option was traditional private offices and cubicles, which are unimaginative and restrictive.

This article is written by Audra Lee Activity Based Working, or Smart Working, is being implemented in Asia at an increasing pace as companies realise key benefits such as increased productivity and collaboration, and reduced turnover and real estate costs. Implementing it involves a physical change in the environment and more importantly, a culture change in the workplace.

How to Choose an Office Space Design for Your Type of Business

Increasingly, more companies are looking for efficient and creative ways to use their office space. Smart office space design can mean leaner energy use and more efficient workflow. Alternative workspace arrangements involve moving beyond the standard square foot per associate calculation, integrating spatial, behavioral and technical factors in workspace design and space allocation.