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Updated by Third Culture Family on Apr 24, 2016
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Best Resources For Studying Japanese Online

This is a list of resources I use to study Japanese. Some of these resources are helpful for beginners, but I think advanced beginners would benefit the most from them.

Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese. | The Japan Foundation

My favorite online resource for studying Japanese language and culture. It uses a number of teaching methods/strategies including videos (with or without subtitles), quizzes, and games. Slightly challenging for a beginner and a fantastic way to move to the intermediate level.

Memrise - JLPT N4 Vocab

The level of vocabulary in the JLPT N4 Vocab course was challenging for me and I learned A LOT. I highly recommend this course for advanced beginners to intermediate level students.

Memrise - JLPT N5 Vocab

The JLPT N5 Vocab is great for beginners, especially if you are already proficient at reading hiragana/katakana and want to move on to kanji.

NIHONGO eな - Portal for Learning Japanese

Brilliant website for Japanese language resources for all levels of learners, but particularly helpful if you are at the intermediate or advanced level. They don't just have massive lists, they have taken the time to screenshot and explain various parts of each website/resource to give you a headstart. Very well thought out and worth a bookmark!

Maggie Sensei

A super kitschy and fun way to learn colloquial Japanese. I love this website because it focuses on teaching spoken Japanese. Language is constantly evolving and if you only learn from textbooks and schools, you are in danger of sounding very rigid. You'll also miss out on the nuances of language that help you connect with native speakers. Maggie Sensei is essential if you plan on visiting or living/working in Japan.