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Excel Analysis Tools

Excel Analysis Tools


How to get Data Analysis in Excel

How to get Data Analysis in Excel

Excel tools data analysis

Excel tools data analysis | Live-Dashboard | ASSYST - Enterprise Solutions | IT Applications & Services, Excel Data Analysis, Load the Analysis ToolPak, Descriptive Statistics using "Data Analysis" tool in Excel, and Install the Analysis Toolpak for Excel 2010


The best business intelligence software experience you can have

The best business intelligence software experience you can have

PanBI Big Data Analytics is a business analytics platform for transforming any raw data into meaningful and useful data for various business analytic purposes. PanBI is an analysis and data visualization tool that can be used with traditional SQL databases, document repositories and Big Data stores. It provides an insight to the business users to analyze, visualize, and report on structured, unstructured and semi-structured data without depending on IT developers.

PanBI has the ability to dynamically connect and receive data from various sources including relational databases, secured and public RESTful URLs, SharePoint and Socrata among others. It also facilitates upload and download of data in various formats such as CSV, XML and JSON. PanBI maintains a local data store to support offline data analysis, visualization and report generation. This provides the users to establish secure, but configurable workflows to collaborate derived data sets at various levels of granularity.
Pan BI Highlights:

Consolidate and integrate data from multiple sources in a single platform
Sophisticated, data discovery and self-service preparation tool
Configurable, interlinked and interactive dashboards delivering real-time data

Dynamic Schema Editor to support ETL processes
Robust multi dimensional security architecture

Dynamic data curation and customized analysis

Flexible external API integration capabilities

Comprehensive user management and access controls
Data visualization in Graphs, Grids and Heat Maps
Extensive query and filtering capabilities over data indicators

Besides creating new dashlets from an existing one and having a critical analysis of a segment of a sector in the organisation, it allows you to save these scenarios into various sub dashlets and place it on the dashboard.

You can have tables or grid of information, subset of the grid of information for future purpose. You can update vast amount of information and commit it / save it into another dashlet, so that the original information will be left untouched. Even change information based on certain condition or formula.

Complex information like Branch Wise, Department-wise, Area-wise sales of T34 Units can easily be represented using the Pivot table and visualise it.

You can add filters, conditons and metrics to view the results in a more complex and organised manner. This helps in creating yet another view for the data and save it for decesion making based on another scenario.

Importantly, one can decide as to who can view the information and who cannot, who can edit and who cannot. The admin has the right to show which dashlets to which section or department.

One of the handiest business intelligence tool available now, just at the click of the mouse button.

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