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Facts You Might Not Know about Medical Professionals and their Scrubs

Learn a little more about your health care provider and their everyday favorite attire, the scrubs.

There are Scrubs and Lab Coats w/ Antimicrobial Protection

Scrubs and lab coats featuring antimicrobial technologies will be the future of healthcare uniforms. Antimicrobial fabrics providing protection for healthcare workers by reducing infections and will help to reduce the cost of providing care.

What Professions Wear Scrubs?

Doctors wear scrubs when performing surgery and also when in the hospital environment. There are many different varieties of scrubs. The most common color is green.

Your idea of nursing scrubs in the world of surgery and hospitals may change forever, if you knew what the commercial world of nursing scrubs design has in store for the next generation of medical staff. Nursing scrubs are the shirts and trousers or gowns worn by doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel in a hospital or medical treatment facility.

Ten interesting historical facts about scrubs

Scrubs (and nurses' uniforms in general) evolved from nuns' habits. Nuns were the original caretakers of the sick. Florence Nightengale pioneered the idea that nurses should dress distinctly and differently from other medical aid workers. Despite lacking gloves or masks, nurses in the 1800s were sold "fever-proof" uniforms that supposedly blocked disease.

5 facts to know about medical assisting

Whether you are embarking on a career in medical assisting or just beginning a medical assisting program, there is plenty to know about this exciting career in health care. While the title of the job is fairly self explanatory - medical assistants support doctors and nurses by completing various...

17 Interesting Facts about Doctors & Patients

1 How frequently do doctors misdiagnose patients? While research has demonstrated that most of the time a medical diagnosis is on point, the answer is probably higher than patients expect and certainly higher than doctors realize.

Medical doctors are responsible for examining and diagnosing people with different conditions, in addition to prescribing and offering the proper treatment. Doctors may specialize as family and general practitioners, pediatricians, internists, surgeons and psychiatrists. The U.S.

The Important Facts About Careers in the Medical Field The Important Facts About Careers in the Medical Field The medical field is among the most rapidly burgeoning career areas today. A wide array of job options exist within the medical field.

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