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Moving Tips

Top tips related to moving home from the Kitsons Transport Ltd removals team. A variety of guides, checklists and ideas to help you move home efficiently and stress free!

First Things To Do When You Have Just Moved In

The house removals team at Kitson's Transport Ltd have witnessed, and help move, many people into their new home. With this comes first hand experience of the top tasks you should undertake when moving into a new home. Don't panic you aren't expected to do all of these on the same day, especially not the same day as moving day!

Moving Home With Dogs - Kitsons

Many of the removals we have completed over the years have been with families who have a dog(s) which has the potential to make the move even more stressful. The removals team at Kitsons Transport Ltd have gathered a list of tips and common issues you may face moving homes when you have pet dogs.

How To Collect Moving Boxes For Free - Kitsons

When moving to a new home the costs of the move can quickly stack up from hiring the removals team themselves to getting materials for packing. This being said there are several ways you can reduce the costs of your removal including trying to accumulate moving boxes for free.

Essential Office Relocation Tips from Kitsons

Are you moving your office to a bigger location? Or maybe your home office has been outgrown and you are taking the big step to getting your own office space. If so, there are a few points to consider while preparing to move.

Top Tips on Decluttering Your Home

They say a tidy home is a tidy mind, and taking time to declutter your house or apartment will help you feel much more organised and calm, with more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time. However, when you're surrounded by mess and clutter, it can be hard to know where to start.

Top Tips on Dismantling Furniture - Kitsons

When moving home often it is nearly impossible to get some pieces of furniture down the stairs and out of the property. Most furniture purchased these days is of the flat pack variety meaning in many cases it can also be dismantled and packed away into a removals van.

Tip Tips For Getting Your Rental Deposit Back

Are you moving properties soon? Whether you are moving out of a rental property into another rental or you have stepped onto the property with your own home getting your deposit back is one of those things that can sometimes be taken for granted.

Top Tips For Storing Your Piano

Tips For Storing Your Piano Whether you are moving house but don't want to sell or dispose of your piano or you simply need to make some temporary room in your home then you may be thinking of putting your piano into storage. Here are some tips from Kitsons Transport Ltd for storing you piano.

Switching Utilities When Moving Home - Kitsons

When moving house there are many thing that you need to remember and prepare for during and after the move. An important part of the process that many people leave until the last minute is sorting out the utilities for both properties.

Winter Removals Top Tips

Moving home during the Winter months can be quite a daunting task with freezing temperatures, slippy surfaces and increased traffic problems. Here are some top tips to help make your move go as smooth as possible during the winter months.

How to Pack Clothes for Moving House

One part of the moving process that is often overlooked is factoring in the packing of clothes. Nearly everyone who moves house doesn't realise how many clothes they actually own which can cause an unnecessary last minute panic when needing to pack them into the removals van.

Top Tips For a Successful Car Boot Sale

So you have organised all of your stuff ready for your big move and like many people do have realised you have a lot of resalable clutter that you no longer need. Still a popular choice for many people are car boot sales but they are not always as easy to participate in as you would think.

Tips on Transporting a Computer & Accessories

The removals team at Kitson's Transport Ltd have vast amounts of experience with removing and transporting all types of items and equipment from houses and offices. One of the most popular items we move on a regular basis are computers and their related pieces of equipment.

Pool & Snooker Table Transport - Kitsons

Professional pool and snooker table transport available 7 days a week from Kitsons Transport Ltd's highly experienced removals and transport team.

Give Stuff Away When Moving - Kitsons

We have probably all been there, ready to move house or property and during sorting out the packing realise how much stuff we really have. What many people fail to do is ask himself do I really need all of this stuff? Are their any items here that other people could make use of?

How To Donate Your Piano

The removals team at Kitsons Transport Ltd have often found that customers who are moving house, especially those downsizing, cannot take certain large items with them. Pianos regularly fall under this category as many take up a large amount of space and are considered a luxury as opposed to a necessity.

How much does it really cost to move home? - Kitsons

Here are some costs to consider when moving home, have you thought about how much it can really cost you? Renting? Deal with your deposits Many people when moving home are likely to moving from a rented property and in this case it is easy to forget that any charges incurred to your deposit repayment is technically a cost of moving.

Winter Removals From Domestic House Removals

Moving home can be tricky, time consuming and stressful at the best of times but if you are moving in the winter then coupling all of this with the bad weather can make moving home much more difficult.

Top 7 Mirror Packing Tips - Kitsons

We've all heard the superstition that smashing a mirror causes seven years' bad luck, and nobody wants that worry hanging over their head when facing the stress of a house move, do they?

Safe Piano Removals

Many people have pianos in their possession such as upright pianos or baby grand pianos that from time to time need moving. Sometimes this is from one property to another, e.g a new home, or simply into a new room in the current property.

Steps To Reduce Mould After Flood Damage - Kitsons

Unfortunately many homes, especially in the North of the UK, have been severely affected by floods over the recent weeks (as of 07/01/2015). Some building and homes have been damaged beyond repair and are under the care of building insurance companies.

What is the best time to book a removal?

The removals and transport teams at Domestic House Removals understand that you live a busy a lifestyle. Juggling work and kids can leave you with very little opportunity to organise and complete other events such as moving home!

Top Ten Tips For Moving Day

Moving day is a whirlwind of excitement that takes a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you avoid any last minute issues or stress. There's a lot to think about on the day, and things can get a bit hectic when there's a number of people moving lots of heavy furniture and boxes between two different places.

Are You Moving to Media City in Salford Quays? - Kitsons

With many new build apartments and houses Media City in Salford Quays is one of the trendiest places to move to for both home and work.