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Tech Trends in the Classroom

Here's How Gamer-Teachers Use Video Games In The Classroom - Forbes

Video Games in the Classroom - This article presents different profiles of teachers and their aptitude for incorporating digital games into the classroom for teaching content - I think this is a great resource for teachers to use and self-evaluate. I find myself to be in the final profile, as I game often. I would incorporate digital games consistently into my curriculum, if I were in the classroom. I found it interesting that my profile ranks lower in seeking professional development sources on gaming incorporation. I can definitely see this happening, as I feel competent and probably would not look for additional help often!

Level Up Learning: National survey on teaching with digital games

Video Games in the Classroom - This research paper is full of useful information! They have data on the use and effectiveness of digital games in the classroom, as well as recommendations for how to incorporate and set boundaries on digital game use. - I found the information on setting boundaries for effective game use to be the most interesting to me. There is also great information on training teachers to incorporate digital games. I think these two items pair beautifully.

Surprising Insights: How Teachers Use Games in the Classroom

Video Games in the Classroom - Statistics and Feedback from teachers who are, and are not, using digital games in the classroom. - I find this article gives credibility to the use of digital games in the classroom. For instance, 47% of struggling students find benefit of using digital games. Information like this is great for working to get other teachers on board and influence the incorporation of games. I would not use this article in my classroom, but it would be beneficial as an administrator.

Five Reasons Why Video Games Should Be Used in the Classroom

Video Games in the Classroom - A summary of five benefits to utilizing games in the classroom. Great for introducing the conversation with other teachers. - I would incorporate their recommendation to debrief after using games in the classroom. If you just let a game be a game (and there is not obvious educational content), then the students might miss out on the learning opportunity. This applies to professional and life skills (cooperative learning, teamwork, working quickly, etc.).

6 Pros And Cons Of Social Media In The Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom - Outline of major benefits and downfalls of using social media in the classroom. The downfalls also include ways to overcome them. - I found the comment on social media use for conquering cliques and establishing collaboration to be a fresh idea. The cons are all very real and need to be engaged. Cyber-bullying and internet safety are very current issues.

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom - Blogger Vicki Davis shoots straight and talks about how social media is necessary to be a 21st century teacher. She outlines many ways to utilize social media, a powerful form of writing. - I would incorporate her suggestions on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and utilize those same medias for allowing the students to showcase their learning to the world. I really enjoy her outlook on how students can learn from and contribute learning to social media.

Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom - Provides insight into unblocked social media tools and teaching students to responsibly and professionally use social media. - I really liked the video clip's idea of giving students the social media password for their school so they could contribute to their school's professional social media! That will build responsibility and be an honor.

44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class (Part 1) - Getting Smart by @JohnHardison1 -

Cell Phones in Class - Massive list of ways to use cell phones in the classroom. 44 items to be exact! - I might be able to use the collaborative tools of cell phones in my workplace. seems like a great tool where I can gather information and surveys from students, in real time, from their own devices! This would be very beneficial in a presentation and for engaging the audience.

How to Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools

Cell Phone in the Classroom - Meg Ormiston article highlighting cell phone use strategies and how to overcome the obstacles of using cell phones in the classroom. - I am not very familiar with the flipped-classroom method, but I like the idea. I could use, at work, the "flipped-classroom" method to deliver training to students at home and then practice and measure competency while they are at the job!

Cell phones in school

Cell Phones in School - Discussion Board offering teacher insights into the use of cell phones in classrooms.- Teachers seem very concerned about cheating and distractions via cell phones. I liked the idea from one teacher about having the cell phone always be on the desk and in plain sight, even when not being used for class. This reduces secrecy and promotes responsibility.