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Investment Corporation

Cantor Fitzgerald initiates insurance on FS Expense Company (NYSE:FSIC). This standing major features initiated a policy having an have standing to the shares. This Experts from Cantor Fitzgerald declares an active price goal involving $10.5 for each share.

Webinar Topic: Introduction to Algorithmic Trading - QuantInsti

This video is a recording of the webinar "Introduction to Algorithmic Trading" it was conducted on 23rd September, 2013. The webinar aimed at introducing the concepts of Algorithmic Trading to the audience. It had exposed participants practical insights into aspects like system architecture & latency, standardized protocols, trading strategy design methodologies for HFT, and new developments / tools in this domain.

Gross Profitability Ratio – The New Magic Formula?

The Gross Profitability Ratio is gaining credibility in value investing circles as a qualitative metric which provides valuable, if not predictive, analysis. Some analysts argue it is the single best qualitative metric with which to compare multiple stocks (particularly within the same industry) that have already been determined to be bargains.

Greek Stock Market Will Be Reopened Soon As the ECB Approved It

On Tuesday, the European Central Bank has given approval for all the proposals for trading and thus this is the end the closure of trading for last four weeks. The spokeswomen of Athens stock exchange has told this to the reporters recently. She has also mentioned that any moves in the trading or the restrictions regarding any trade will be decided by the decree of the finance ministry. She has asked not to mention her name in the report as per the line with the policy of Athens stock exchange. The trading in Athens stock exchange can be expected soon.

How Hedge Funds Use Leverage?

There are always things in life that we wish we can get rid of, and it so often happens that sooner or later very intelligent people usually not governed by greed, we hope, come up with amazing new discoveries to protect themselves against this probability of a future risk. It is because people understand the repercussions of uncertainty that they often wish to, in a sense, “eliminate” this risk of change. It would be completely naive of us to think that even with these new gizmos that we are able to destroy the chances of change, as this world is not perfect but it is the balance of perfection and imperfection that allows this planet on its axis peacefully.

QUANTINSTI - Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading Institute

As Asia's pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute, we are committed to assure a long lasting learning experience for our participants. At QuantInsti, we believe in providing financial education to all by leveraging technology advancements, as the need of the hour is to fill the gap between theoretical knowledge about financial tools and econometric theories, pricing models into working models and strategies.

QI - NSE MDP on Algorithmic Trading: Literature Review

Literature Review file offered to participants of the Management Development Program (MDP) organized by QuantInsti (QI) in collaboration with National Stock Exchange (NSE), India.

The following topics were covered in the program:

  • Demystifying Algorithmic Trading
  • System Architecture and its impact on trading performance
  • Technological innovations for algorithmic trading
  • Tool-box set for Algorithmic Trading
  • Different Types of Algorithmic Trading Strategies
  • Process of Developing an Algorithmic Trading Strategy
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Workshop on Algorithmic Trading Platform and working with complex event processing
  • Risk Management specific to Algorithmic Trading
  • Working with Quant Tools
  • Performance Evaluation and Portfolio Management
  • What Next - the Road Ahead
Whole Foods Market: 2015 Update

It has now been about 18 months since I began accumulating shares of Whole Foods Market (WFM) in the high 30's. Since that time the stock briefly had a huge move back into the 50's before losing steam again.

Take the Money and Run! 5 Stocks to Ditch

What goes up must come down. Those were the words Sir Isaac Newton used to describe the forces of gravity, but more often than not, those words also can be used to describe highflying momentum stocks. When a momentum stock gets hot, valuation doesn't matter - at all.

Facebook Asks “What’s On Your Mind?”

It interesting to see how Facebook prompts you to change your status. Smart. They run a business that meets the goals of their customers on both sides of the market. This morning I opened up Facebook and saw the prompt. "What's on your mind?" So much on my mind today.

USDINR Option Payoff

In this post we are considering trading option position on USD/INR currency pair. The strike price here is in terms of rupee against the dollar. We are holding different option positions (call and put options) on this underlying (USD/INR pair). The excel workbook shows the payoff of holding different positions simultaneously on the same underlying. It also provides with single option position for a given combination across the spot price range.

Algorithmic Trading System Architecture

Algorithmic automated trading or Algorithmic Trading has been at the centre-stage of the trading world for a few years now. The percentage of volumes attributed to this form of trading has been increasing in the past few years. As a result, it has become a highly competitive market that is heavily dependent on technology. Consequently, the basic architecture has undergone major changes over the past decade and continues to do so. It is today a necessity to innovate on technology in order to compete in the world of algorithmic trading, making it a hotbed for advances in computer and network technologies.

The 60/40 Portfolio Is Dead Here Is Its Replacement

As you can see, we do things a little differently around here. Traditional stocks make up less than 40% of the portfolio, with the rest sitting in non-correlated assets outside of the stock market. We invest in everything from options-writing funds to medical accounts receivables and everything in between. The result is that we get most of the safety you would expect from a 60/40 stock/bond portfolio but without the loss of expected return. Our goal is to give you stock-like returns with the risk profile of a blended portfolio

Choosing the Best Online Brokerage Account

The quality of brokerage account services has really come a long way over the past 20 years, even while costs have shrunk to almost nothing. If you're paying more than about $10 per trade... frankly, you're doing it wrong. Whether your beat is day trading or long-term stock trading,

Bureau of Economic Analysis

According to the recent report on the US economy, the fourth quarter of the year has faced a boost up and the US consumers have made it possible. The US consumers have loosened their purses on the first day of holidays and thus they have made it possible, said the report. The holidays have started early this month and the US households have started their festival purchases and thus they have emptied their purses on the very day of the holiday.

Labour market scares the Education sector and The recent changes that the Government proposed for the labour market have become a subject of matter for the HSE as well as the Education sector. These are the two biggest sections of the public sector.