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Myself Pavan Chaudhary, i am a professional and experienced sales strategist, content developer and search marketer.

Success Mantra; The Success of your Business is 99% Dependent on your Customer Services

Meeting customer expectation even after you sold your service is really necessary to make long term business planning and for creating your brand. Always try to reach customers expectations. Improve your customer service if you want to improve relations with the customers. Now-a-days there is lot of competition and it is not easy to win the heart of the customers easily. Proactive approach is needed to give effective services to the customers.

Top 5 Attribute of CRM Software to Boost your Sales to the Next Level

Boost The Sales Productivity With Sales Force Automation. Sales Force Automation techniques enable organizations to automate their complete sales process. This helps companies to take accurate sales reports and enable to do accurate sales forecast on Sales Funnel.

Make Your Business more Productive and well Planned with SalesBabu

Grow Your Business with SalesBabu With the right tools and strategies every business can grow. SalesBabu Online CRM Software helps you to make your teams more efficient, generate more leads, and increases revenue. Do market research to know the latest trends. Sell more to your existing customers to grow your business fast.

Purchase Planning With Efficient Inventory Management System

Purchase Planning is a necessary process in Inventory Management, where purchase manager is responsible for all the requisition related to stock in warehouses. In simple term purchase planning facilitate a structural approach to the management on purchasing activities which define the lucrative material purchase plans, like what should be purchase, in which quantity and form where it should be purchase.

The 3 Step Guide To Feel Free From Stress At Your Workplace

Stress is a major side effect of the corporate lifestyle. Rising Expectations, increasing competition, and privatization of jobs have made workplace like everyday battle field with echoing Darwin’s Theory of “Survival Of The Fittest”. Besides this all, the pathetic economic condition has worsened the situation. People work so hard but the what they earn is inadequate to make both ends meet.

Make Your Customer Happy and Boost Sales Order in three Simple Steps

Good Customer service is an essential strength for any company. Always give customers what they want not what you think it is required for them. One can win loyalty with better customer service. To get a better understanding of customer do customer surveys and record the customer data. Meet customer needs and satisfy them with your services. Customers want best quality from you to do further business with you.

Get Closer to your Target Audience with these 3 Awesome Technique

Handling Production Work Load In Manufacturing units become a difficult task in Today’s environment, due to some traditional pattern which always focus only Production floor in a manufacturing unit, and rest all business tiers (Sales, Purchase and Inventory) face scattered and Complex Workflow internally. But now a day’s time has been changed and companies automating their manufacturing units with the help of customer relationship management (CRM) software; which is a good sign of market’s revolution.

Stay refreshed and competitive in your work through Rule of Productivity

You should be proactive to make important decisions. Focus on activities that produce the results you really want. Most people are continually in reactive mode. Proactive person grabs the opportunity and don’t wait for long time. Productive and successful people plan their work. Use your time more efficiently by adopting right time management practices. Take mini and frequent breaks during work. Set deadlines and improve your time management. Productive means you are doing important work to produce best outcomes.

Top Tips & Tactics: Why CRM is Important For Organization

Customer Relationship Management plays a crucial role in any organisations because success or failure of any company depends on the relations with the customers. An effective management of customers enables company to focus on all openings and streamline all sales activities in the organisation.

How ERP Software Transform Whole Business Process By 360 Degree

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software is a complete suite for integrated application. Many Small Business and mid Sized Organization use this business software to manage their various function like product planning, manufacturing, marketing, inventory management, shipping and many more. Now I am going to discuss something which ERP Software we should use because many software company providing various types of ERP software.

Career Road-Map: Fresher to Successful Business Professional

The Highly successful Business Professionals are great role models; they not only preach but make sure that they themselves follow. They invest time and money in their team and themselves. They take training this helps them to upgrade their knowledge and skills. They are well organised as they know how to manage time efficiently.

Everything you need to learn about how CRM good for Partners Management

Partner Management is a Crucial and Mandate part of Sales and Distribution business; where you need to put extra efforts to maintain relation with your business partners. An organization may face many obstacles, since they are not directly dealing with the ground level (Micro Level) market and it is hard to figure out the exact problems in local market.

Success Metrics : The Sales of Your product is 94% depend on your Quality & Customer Services

Call centre’s are the nerve centers that handle a variety of sales order transactions, customer complaints, request for information, product support and other interactions with existing and prospective clients. Call centre are actually holding public image of the organization.

Sure! it's a Happy Morning ? Is your Business is threat free ?

Emerging Cyber Security Threats In Small Business As the time passing by, most of the business is getting increasingly dependent upon the internet. Be it monetary transactions or any other sort of confidential activities, more and more organizations are making them active upon the internet.

How your Customer Service should be ?

How your customer service should be ? Meeting customer expectation even after you sold your service is really necessary to make long term business planning and for creating your brand. Always try to reach customers expectations. Improve your customer service if you want to improve relations with the customers.

Top 5 Reasons To Kick Start Your Business From CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is the concept of a planned and structured means of managing the relationship between your business and customers.

Maximize Business Productivity and Reduced Manual Task that waste your Time

SalesBabu Online Inventory Tracking Software What is Inventory Tracking? Inventory tracking is a process, which designed to maintain a stock system which not only shows the addition of product to inventory warehouses, but also define the spending on existing inventory.

Working as per Sales Trends & Enchantment their Customers are major Challenges for All SMEs

he pace of sales in market is drifted towards customer centricity. This term is gradually pacing up in the market .Customer centricity means focusing more upon the customers and their interest graph. The present day customers are more enlightened towards their choices and the product manufacturers or the serviced providers are also keeping this in mind to enhance their customer base. Your most loyal customers are the greatest source of quality leads and this fact can’t be underestimated by any vendor.

Business Insider Guide - What is ERP Software? and What kind of Companies Need ERP

There are different types of companies with different size and structure and they follow their own internal systems to run business. Check out below points if your company really need an software to manage your company. If you are managing accounting, inventory, contact management all simultaneously.

ERP Software- Monitor your Business Resource

ERP Management Software is business management software. ERP Management Software is used to make your business productive and well organized. ERP Software is an integrated view of core business processes, often in real time using secure centralized database. ERP track all business resources- cash, raw materials, production capacity, purchase and many more.

SalesBabu CRM- CRM for Small Business

Get a hold of your tactical to-dos and your strategic business initiatives with SalesBabu CRM. Uniquely offering integrated lead management, SalesBabu makes sure you're on top of your game with your business initiatives. Streamline your all leads, contacts, emails, events, projects, tasks and sales opportunities in one place, you’ll be more effective and your business will run more efficiently. Sign up for a free Demo today!

8 Tips To Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Business Brand

Getting difficult for companies to maintain brand value with their customers. The competition is intense & increasing in the market and companies are applying different ways to woo customers . But fact remains that customers are satisfied when they are content with the brand they are using. Here are few tips which will enhance your brand among your customers

Are You A Perfect Sales Manager? Take Out This Quiz To Explore your Business Strategy

Perfection is not a one day mastery game. It’s a continuous process which needs to be practiced to elevate the success graph of one’s career. Being a sales manager, it doesn’t get easy for one to determine what shall be the best practice to drive the team and the sales process. Sometimes you would be asking to yourself ” Are you a perfect sales manager in action ” but answer would be difficult to retrieve.

Align Sales + Marketing Efforts in Organization to Maximize Business Output

Align Sales & Marketing Efforts in Organization For Maximizing Output In spite of the indispensable requirement of both sales and marketing driving an organization with the same force, there has been always a constant coarseness in between the two divisions.

A Smart CRM Software gives SMEs a Clean & Clear customer database and save time

CRM Analytic : Now Get All Your Reports At Your Doorstep There are some questions that a sales manager in any organization is concerned about . How To Gauge Sales Pipeline effectively ??? What Are Companies Top ten Products In Demand??? What Are The Top marked opportunities for Your Sales Process How To Forecast Sales Projections???