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Updated by Sally Ramirez on Jul 06, 2015
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Your Guide to Buying Cashmere Clothes and Yarns

Warm, soft, and incredibly chic, cashmere is the ultimate winter-wardrobe luxury and you need to know how to shop for the original ones.

Buy Only from a Trusteed Website

Victoria House Needlecraft specialise in luxury knitting yarns, Needlepoint and Tapestry, Cross Stitch, Crewel and Embroidery.There is also a lovely book full of the most fashionable styles designed to dress up little ones.

What Is Cashmere

Cashmere is a luxuriant wool that many a fashion-conscious woman has dreamed of wearing against her skin. Its silken feel, feather-light weight, and appreciable status make it highly desirable.

7 Secrets of Cashmere

The Cashmere Buying Guide 1. Why spend the money? While purchasing a bulky wool sweater for cheap sounds recession-friendly. It's probably not the most cost effective. After a while, that cheap-o sweater will lose its shape, and will leave you itchy for the rest of the winter.

What Do I Need to Consider When Buying Cashmere?

Q. What should I look for in a cashmere sweater? A. Although it's difficult to pick out a good sweater on your own, a keen eye and attention to detail can guide you to a superior selection. Step 1: Check the labels. The Federal Trade Commission mandates that cashmere products be accurately labeled.

How to Buy a Cashmere Sweater | Howcast

Step 1 Buy the real thing Buy a sweater made of 100 percent cashmere, as indicated on the label, rather than a blend of fibers. The real thing will be softer, lighter, last longer, and more important, be worth the money you're paying.

How to buy bargain cashmere

Transcript LISA: I'm Lisa Birnbach from all cashmere is born equal. Sometimes the price is great but the quality isn't. So, how do you get the most for your money? With us for cashmere shopping tips is Sharon Haver, fashion reporter and founder of Hi Sharon.

Cashmere Buying Guide: Not All Cashmere is Created Equal

Different luxury textiles have come in and out of popularity but cashmere is a mainstay for sweaters and knits as the pinnacle of indulgence. Over the past few years you may have noticed that cashmere products have lowered in price and you can find sweaters retailing as low as $50.

Vintage Cashmere Buying Guide

Today I'll be talking more about vintage cashmere. The ad above is a great one to lead into the topic. It is from 1955: The slim and sinuous sweater that takes a fresh look at spring! One of the great things about vintage cashmere sweaters is that there are so many different styles that most women are going to...