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Top 5 entertaining comedy actors of all time - Go4ads

They say laughter is the best medicine. Does that make a comedian the best doctor? The Indian film industry has had some of the greatest comedy actors of all time. Since it would take eons if we sat and listed all the great artists that the Indian film Industry has produced, here are some of ...

All India Bakchod is back with their next video! - Go4ads

All India Bakchod have been creating ripples across the internet world with their videos. Guess what? They are back with their new video: Honest Indian Weddings. Indian weddings- A series of ceremonies or a money minting source for money hungry people? We'll let AIB do the talking. Watch the video for more!

7 Wedding ideas that every nerd and geek in the world MUST know of - Go4ads

The geeks and nerds are taking over the world and they are showcasing it too! What better way to make your wedding the best wedding ever than doing a themed one? Here are some of the greatest themed wedding pictures that have ever been taken.

8 times when Harry Potter fans just couldn't HELP but make a Harry Potter reference: - Go4ads

The Harry potter series is known to have one of the largest and most loyal fandoms ever. Naturally, when one loves and obsesses over a series so much, one is bound to jump to the chance of making a reference whenever they see it. As an avid book reader and a huge fan of Harry ...

Funny video a girl flirting by an Indian man in a jeep - Go4ads

You don't laugh but you are laughing after watch this funny videos 2015Must watch Best funny video a girl flirting by an Indian man in a jeep.

Feeling ashamed of those large hips? We are here to help you out! - Livestory

Feeling sorry about your large hips? Wondering how to enhance your figure without looking bad and out of place? Well, we have some fashion tips especially for women with large hips. Certain types of clothes make your hips appear narrower than they actually are. One should wear dark colored clothes from waist below.