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how to make a website for free and make money

I’m Tommy and I’m a professional online entrepreneur that specializes in teaching others how to start an internet business & make money online.

Keyword Research and Getting Ranked for the Right Words and Phrases | Second Online Income

Every search starts with a word typed in the search box. These words, phrases and questions represent the actual needs, wants and interests of the people you target with your business. No matter the industry you work in, just any random visitor won't do much for your business; - you [...]

Guest blogging and why it's an Important Part of Content Marketing | Second Online Income

Guest posting is truly a powerful mean for businesses to reach out to a wider audience and establish strong and meaningful relationships, connect with other people and create communities around their brands. You can guest post on other websites and blogs that are relevant to your niche, or invite experts [...]

All You Need to Know to Write and Pitch a Successful Guest Post | Second Online Income

Guest posting can be a great content marketing strategy for many reasons, most of which I covered in a very recent post called Guest blogging and why it's an important part of content marketing. After receiving a large number of comments and requests for this post, I realized it needed a follow-up to explain more about [...]

Why do we blog: why blogging has taken the internet by storm | Second Online Income

Blogging first started as a way for people to share their personal experiences, feelings, and innermost thoughts with a greater audience, similar to an online journal. But in the past decade, blogging has evolved towards much more professional goals, becoming an unbreakable part of the online media, almost indistinguishable from [...]

7 Tips to Keep Motivation High While Running Your Own Business | Second Online Income

Success doesn't come easily to everyone. We would all want this not to be true, particularly because of the tough economy we live in; but it is true, and now even more than before.

12 Tools to Effectively Run Your Online Business | Second Online Income

If you've already built your website , I can imagine you're now struggling hard to achieve a manageable work/life balance, being preoccupied with content creation, , ... Finding money for staffing sure ain't easy, so you need to organize yourself better and find the time to get all (or at least most...)

How to Build a Website for free and Make Money

Your website is the most important asset of your online business. It is what automates the entire process of customer relations, sales and payments, and it's the foundation of any online business. Now you probably think that creating a website is hard and you need professionals for that...

5 Things Every Online Business Owner Must Know! | Second Online Income

Whether you're new to running an online business, or if you've been running a business for years, there's a few things that all business owners should be aware of that will significantly increase the chances of their online business to succeed. Knowing these facets of doing business online can help an owner [...]

Jaaxy Review - The ultimate keyword research tool | Second Online Income

One of the core elements of SEO is to utilize the right keywords for your website. Switching out a phrase or two with some well chosen low competitive keywords in your web pages can actually mean a significant difference on your search engine rankings and organic website traffic.

13 Ways to Attract Visitors and Drive More Traffic to Your Website | Second Online Income

Lack of website traffic is one of the most common challenges that every new online business faces. If your website isn't getting any relevant traffic, you can't generate any sales either. Here are some strategies and tips on creating a knockout campaign to attract visitors and drive high-quality, organic search [...]

  • I’m Tommy and I’m a professional online entrepreneur that specializes in teaching others how to start an internet business & make money online.

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