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Things to do in Si Kao - Top Activities in Si Kao

Regarded as one of Thailand's most pristine holiday hubs, Si Kao offers visitors a range of engaging activities and attractions. Here are some of the area's top things to do for first time visitors.


Tour the Chaomai National Park

Spread out across 230km the Chaomai National Park includes a vast area in both land and sea. Home to some of the most pristine and well-preserved natural environments in the province this iconic national park in Si Kao also includes Chaomai beach and several other beaches that are deemed to be among the finest in the region.


Explore Mu Ko Phetra National Park

As a paradise enclosure which includes a whopping 30 islets the Mu Ko Phetra National Park is another popular tour option in Si Kao. Occupying the southern fringes of Trang the park's largest islands are Koh Khao Yai and Koh Petra while many of the islands are thriving habitats for green sea turtles. Encircled by limestone hills the beaches of this coral reef haven served as a fishing Mecca for centuries before it was declared a protected nature reserve.


Trek to Morakot Cave and Koh Mook

Often regarded as one of the most spectacular geographical anomalies in Si Kao the Morakot Cave is a cave with steep twists and turns that leads visitors from complete darkness to a magnificent beach hidden within. As the beach is only reachable via the cave visitors are advised to make the journey through the cave only during low tide. Secluded and utterly breathtaking the turquoise waters of this private beach are some of the most captivating sights in all of Trang, let alone Si Kao.


Splash Around at Tone Tok

Tipped to be a hiking enthusiasts dream come true the trek to Tone Tok waterfall is laden across breathtaking natural surroundings full of paddy fields, rubber estates and hilly terrain. The short but challenging trek leads one to the mammoth waterfall known as Tone Tok which is a multi-tiered cascade that defies description. With a large shallow pond at its base the venue is ideal for swimming and splashing around beneath a towering cascade frothing forth gushes of water. Visitors based in luxury Trang hotels such as Anantara Sikao Thailand Resort & Spa can inquire about waterfall tours in the area via the hotel.


Spend an Afternoon in Petra Beach and Laorieng Beach

A trip to a beach haven such as Si Kao would truly be amiss without an evening spent at one of its most stunning beachfronts. Surrounded by limestone cliffs the twin island beaches of Petra and Laorieng offer visitors the perfect beach getaway destination with two beaches within close proximity of one another. Blessed with shallow waters the area is ideal for coral gazing and snorkeling during low tide.


Marvel at the Roi Chan Pan Wang Waterfall

With its name literally meaning "Hundreds of steps, thousands of palaces" it is little wonder that the Roi Chan Pan Wang Waterfall is one of Si Kao's most coveted natural attributes. Set within a lush jungle the multi-layered the larger than life cascade flows in sheets of milky, white liquid at break neck speeds. The trek up to the falls is equally intriguing as the path is littered with unique rock formations and sightings of local wildlife including rare bird species such as the taoraw.