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Traditional Qatari Cuisine in Doha – Tantalize your taste buds

Arabian Cuisine is always such a delight to the taste buds and the Qatari version is just as scrumptious. Here are a few dishes that you must not miss in Doha.



A stew created out of heavily spiced rice combined with seafood, meat or both, the Machbous is considered one of Qatar's most exquisite traditional cuisines. Commonly served in a large rice platter which caters to around 6 persons, the Machbous in all of its glory is one dish you will find in any Qatari special occasion. Flaunting a traditional aroma, this unique rice dish is a tantalizing treat that works pretty much on any palate around the globe. In fact a visit to Qatar is not quite complete without tasting the scrumptious Machbous.



When it comes to Middle Eastern Cuisine, the Hummus is a common favorite and Qatar is certainly no exception to creating an exceptional dish of Hummus. The Hummus is a dip created out of chickpeas and a paste made of sesame seeds known as the Tahini. The Hummus is ideally eaten with the famous Pita bread and top that with some freshly sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and you will get a glorious protein rich Middle Eastern vegetarian dish that works well for any meal.


Waraq Enab

The famous sour taste of the Waraq Enab is one that will linger long after you have consumed this delicacy. The Waraq Enab is yet another exquisite Arabian dish that is made by stuffing rice into vine leaf wraps. The spiced rice combined with the sour taste of the vine leaves is the perfect combination that creates a firework of flavors on your tongue.



In Qatar wheat is just as popular as rice and the ever popular Taboulleh stands proof to this. This cracked wheat delicacy is also known as the burglar dish and it is made by heavily flavoring the wheat with mint and parsley.



You may have heard the term Biryani in several other countries but try the Qatari version for the Arabian touch to this traditionally Indian rice dish. Much less spicy and full of rich flavor, the Qatari Biryani is yet another one of those must haves in the country. With the perfect twist to everything you know of good old Biryani this spiced rice dish which is mixed with chicken or lamb is the perfect meal in weddings and festive occasions.



Qatar is famous for its dips and the Mutabel is yet another one in the list. Unusually created, the Mutabbel is made using cooked aubergine mixed with garlic and tahini.



When it comes to deserts in Qatar nothing quite beats the famous Mehalabiya. This pistachio corn starch pudding flavored with rose water has a rich exotic aroma making you crave to have more. If you want the best version of Mehalabiya you can find, try Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara or any of the other 5 star hotels in Doha.