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Updated by Melissa Patel on Jul 04, 2015
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Should You Flip Your Classroom?

Flipped Classroom; This blog covers the pros and cons of flipped classroom while putting it in perspective. The most important point is that class time should be spent collaborating and actively engaged in higher level thinking. It outlines a 4-step questionnaire to help educators decide if it is for them.

The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class

Flipped Classroom; This blog explores one educator's struggle with changing from lecture to a flipped classroom and his successes of teaching and assessments. The author suggests teachers should not think of how to use class time-it is not for content but for process of learning. Students were more engaged and performed better on alternate assessments.

How Google Took Over The American Classroom And Is Creating A Gmail Generation

Google Classroom; This article outlines school districts that are utilizing Google. The most important aspect was the ease of implementation for districts.

20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

Google Classroom; This site provides various ways to use Google Classroom. The biggest takeaway is that Classroom is used for collaboration from creating a discussion to email and the entire editing one document.

Digital Portfolios: The Art of Reflection

Digital Portfolio; This article discusses the need for reflection and essential questions when using digital portfolios. The most important takeaway is that rather than think of the process as curate-reflect-publish, teachers should model the hows and whys of the components to help students make connections with the learning objectives.

Transferring Systems: Moving Your Workflow and Procedures into GAFE

GAFE; This blog gives recommendations of how to set up a digital classroom. The most important point is that it's not about the number of apps a teacher implements but rather the quality of engagement the app will yield.

Google for Educators: The Best Features for Busy Teachers

GAFE; This blog highlights the most commonly used features that will make the biggest impact early on. The most important point is that organization is key weather using Drive or Classroom.

5 Free Tools For Making Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolio; This blog gives an overview of digital portfolios and free tools to create a portfolio. The most important thing to remember is that portfolios should be about student interests and not just schoolwork.

Google Apps for Education

GAFE; This website is all things Apps from outlining what they are to being able to explore each app in a detailed way. They also have links to blogs. This website has the most up-to-date information and allows the educator to further explore each app at the beginners level.

The Amazing Power of Google Apps for Education - eLearning Industry

GAFE; This website gives more apps for use, including some that are not well known. The most important thing on this site to me is Google Moderator which allows student to anonymously vote or give feedback.

FLN's Professional Learning Community

Flipped Classroom; This website contains videos on flipped classrooms and groups to join in discussions with other educators. The most important thing is that this is a Professional Learning Community about flipped classrooms.