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[6/17/15] Axelrod: Had I Known Of Clinton's Server, ... I Would Have Concerns"

(MSNBC Morning Joe) -- MIKA BRZEZINSKI: “David, what do you think about that? And what do you think about Bill Daley not knowing about the server. Is that unusual? Is that an issue?”
DAVID AXELROD: “It is unusual, he was the chief of staff. I confess, I was there, I was the senior adviser, I didn’t know that as well”

BRZEZINSKI: “If you did find out when you were there, would you say hey whoa, wait a minute, guys, should we all talk about this? Would you flag it?”

AXELROD: “I might have asked a few questions about that. You know, look, I don’t think, again, the question is what are people focused on, what do they care about? They care about their lives. They care about being able to meet their bills. They care about how their kids are going to do in the future. That’s where their focus is that what the gamble of the Clinton campaign is that people don’t really care about that. So you know now, it may turn out–”
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: "But you have, if you found out, i mean you were serving a senior adviser in the White House and you found out about that, you would of thought there -"
AXELROD: "Well I certainly, I would ask a question...I would have concerns about it."

[7/1/15] David Axelrod caught emailing Hillary Clinton at personal address he knew nothing about

The email trap: If the Rs make HRC email an obsessive fixation, to the exclusion of larger concerns of people, they will pay a price. Again.

  • David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod), 10:09 PM - 10 Mar 2015
[7/1/15] Busted! David Axelrod Knew About Clinton's Private Email

*On June 8, 2009, Clinton's Chief Of Staff,Cheryl Mills, E-Mailed Clinton To Inform Her That Obama Advisor David Axelrod Wanted Her Email Address. *
CHERYL MILLS: "Axelrod wants your email-remind me to discuss with you if I forget." (Cheryl Mills, E-Mail To Hillary Clinton, 6/08/09; State Department Release, 6/30/15, p.1)

*On June 23, 2009, David Axelrod E-Mailed Clinton On Her Private Email Account. *
DAVID AXELROD: “Hillary, I have hestiated to email because I’m sure you are being inundated with good wishes. But I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear about your injury. It sounded horribly painful. I hope you willallow yourself to rest and recover. You are an all-star player, and we need you for the long run! David.” (David Axelrod, E-Mail To Hillary Clinton, 6/23/09; State Department Release, 6/30/15, p.5)