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Updated by Jeremy Boudinet on Oct 01, 2015
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An Epic Guide to Performance Management

No, seriously.

If you work in commercial operations -- i.e., sales, marketing, client relations, human resources, recruiting, I.T., or analytics -- this is the only list of knowledge resources you'll ever need (until 2016).

Ambition | The Ambition Blog's Greatest Hits

Our 20 greatest blog posts from the first 18 months of the Ambition Blog.

The 6 C's of B2B Lead Generation

There are a number of avenues for lead generation that go beyond cold calling/emailing. Here are our 6 C's of B2B lead generation, as presented by Marketing Director Jeremy Boudinet.

How To Attract Top Millennial Talent

Pleased to announce our brand-new LinkedIn Group, Managing Millennials - Best Practices and Discussion Group, and kick things off with 5 key insights for attracting top Millennial talent in your industry.

Ambition | Academy

Download White Papers, Case Studies, and Guides to help you become a better sales leader.

How Sales Enablement Impacts the War for Talent

How does sales enablement impact the War for Talent? A recent study finds beneficial sales enablement impacts on retention, recruitment and onboarding. Jeremy Boudinet explains.

Big Data: The Savior of Employee Engagement

Last week, we predicted that Big Data would herald the return of inside sales coaching. Today, we forecast its impact on a universal management issue: employee engagement.

Management Pet Peeves of 5 Inside Sales Leaders

What are SDRs and Account Executives doing that upset their sales leadership the most? Here are 5 answers from rising stars in the Inside Sales world. What gets under the skin of a successful Inside Sales manager? We asked 5 up-and-coming Inside Sales leaders to come clean about the things that tick them off the most, from a managerial standpoint.

Top Selling Techniques from 6 Sales Masters

As the Marketing Director for Ambition, I've been privileged to help interview some of the best and brightest minds in B2B sales. Just as critically, I've realized that, when looking for quality, actionable sales and marketing content online, you're often wading through a trough of the same hackneyed, non-actionable prose passing as insight.

Top 5 Benefits of Growing a SaaS Startup Outside of Silicon Valley

I've spent the last 13 months as Marketing Director for a SaaS company, Ambition, that is based in Chattanooga. Over the last year, I've experienced firsthand the benefits - and detriments - that come with growing a SaaS startup not just outside of Silicon Valley, but a major metropolitan area.

How to Create a Successful Sales Culture in a Startup

This is a guest post by the Director of Marketing at Ambition , Jeremy Boudinet. Ambition is Rule #1 of B2B Sales Culture: Recruit passionate talent. operations software for the data-driven sales force that brings narrative clarity to sales data and gives your reps real-time performance scores, highlight feeds, TV Leaderboards, and team competitions.

Is that whole gamification thing really over? | Information Age

Print this page Email article What a difference a few years makes. At the beginning of the decade, enterprise gamification was widely considered an emerging juggernaut, predestined for massive market penetration. The industry reality here in 2014 is much grimmer. Gartner is forecasting market penetration at a measly 5% to 10%.

Use Data Analytics to Become a Killer Sales Coach

Editors Note: Guest post by Jared Houghton, CSO and Co-Founder of, a team-based sales competition platform which enables real-time monitoring of sales performance metrics. Most sales managers know that effective coaching, including self-coaching, starts with accurate measurements and rapid identification of critical metrics. The good news?

What Millennials Really Need (Hint: It's Not Feedback)

These days, you can't make it through a piece of media content on Millennials in the workplace without coming across the same, solemn prognosis: "Need for constant feedback." Houston, we have a problem here.

Best Practices for Salesforce Gamification - Salesforce Ben

You run a sales organization that relies on Salesforce to track employee activity, pipelines, and revenue. Chances are, one of the following 5 scenarios sounds familiar. Your sales team is engaged and focused in their actual sales performance, but indifferent about logging their info into... Read More

How to Implement a Sales-Marketing Alignment Strategy

Over the past number of years, the B2B sales funnel has changed considerably. Previously, marketing would own the top of the funnel activities, generating leads for sales before taking their leave. B2B buyer behavior has changed to the point where marketing must support sales right through each stage of the sales process.

The Sales Director Who Turned Work into a Fantasy Sports Competition

Now that everything we do at work can be observed, measured, tracked, and reported - thanks to sensing technologies and cheap processing power - more organizations are relying heavily on "the data" to manage employees' performance. They're striving to assess people strictly on merit: how productive they are, how well they collaborate, how much value they create.

How We Built a Marketing Machine Through Content

Ambition Marketing Director Jeremy Boudinet reflects on the struggles, successes and lessons learned during his 1st year running our marketing operations. [Part I of II]. On May 5, 2014, I walked into the Ambition office for the very first time, beginning what would be the most exhilarating, exhausting, and rewarding year of my young professional career.

Sales Motivation from the Apex Predator

Today's post is a guest editorial from the Apex Predator of Sales. The views expressed by the Apex Predator do not necessarily reflect those of Ambition. But they still kick ass. Do not adjust your screen.

Sales Rescue with the Apex Predator

In the 3rd installment of his monthly series, the Apex Predator returns to the Ambition Blog with more sales motivation, inspired by the hit TV show, "Bar Rescue." [Click here for his April and May posts]. Welcome back to the no-spin zone, my dear readers.

Thanks for coming in. Have a seat. I'm sorry we're having this conversation. You've been a valuable member of this organization ever since you got here, but as you know, the numbers your team has been generating are simply unacceptable. Alright, you can relax. (For now).

5 Epic Sales Contest Ideas For 2015

The average sales contest doesn't have to involve one performance metric and a leaderboard. In fact, we're firm believers that it shouldn't. These are 5 sales contest ideas that can shake up your usual approach to motivating your salesforce.

The Ambition Blog tackles the issue of employee engagement and updates it for the 21st century. What tactics work best for engaging and motivating employees in 2014 and beyond? Our Marketing Director Jeremy Boudinet explores. Today's sales force is younger and more diverse. Managers that direct derogatory slurs at employees are now either fired or sued.

The Young Professional's Guide to Growth Hacking Sales

Scott Britton is a best-selling author, host of a Top 10 iTunes podcast, and founder of a highly successful media company. He's also one of the most accomplished young Sales professionals in the world, which is why we asked him to join the Ambition Blog and provide some insights into what makes a successful Sales Rep.

A Fantasy Football Lover's Guide to Your Sales Force

Which Fantasy Football Archetypes Are On Your Sales Team? The Ambition Blog profiled 20 NFL players of all shapes and sizes to provide a list of every conceivable persona on both your Fantasy Squad and your Sales Team. From the Workhorse to the Underachiever, they're all here.

5 Ways to Keep Millennials Loyal to Your Company

Is there a right way and a wrong way to manage Millennials? This question was the basis of a major study by Deloitte last year. The focus: Emerging trends involving Millennials in the workplace. The findings were released back in January, but bear revisiting as Millennials again find themselves under attack in mainstream media.