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Updated by Roland Lefevre (Uditha Dharmawardhane) on Jun 30, 2015
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Exotic Cocktails in Bali – The Perfect Ingredient for a perfect Evening in Bali

Bali has just the right setting to spend the perfect evening sipping on your favorite cocktails. In fact there are a couple of tantalizing drinks exclusive to the island of Bali, some of which are mentioned below.


The Passion Fruit Caprisokas

Now this is acocktail that will give you the perfect buzz for the evening. If you are relishing this drink at the Antique InJlDhyanapura with their prawn delight shared entrée; prepare to have one hell of an experience. With its very own ginger fizz and a shot of gin to go with it you are sure to experience just the kick you need with this exclusive mix up.


The Lime Caprisokas

Cafe Bali on the veranda in JlLaksmana has by far some of the best Lime Capriskos you would have ever tasted. Highly refreshing and absolutely addictive, you will have a hard time stopping once you have had a sip of this beauty.



If you are sipping cocktails at the roof top bar SOS at Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa, the Cosmopolitan is one drink you must try out. With the perfect ocean backdrop to go with this buzz, it is overwhelmingly relaxing to have this drink especially at this picturesque spot in the city.


Lychee Martinis

In Bali the Lychee Martinis are a favorite any day. Especially if you are having it on a breezy evening at Hu'u bar sitting on the cushions in the garden; the definition of a perfect evening in Bali!


Frozen Mango Margarita

A combination of Mango Juice, Tequila, Cointreau and Lime Juice perfectly blended with ice, the Frozen Mango Margarita is the ideal treat to beat the tropical heat of Bali. A delicious dose of bliss in a glass, this cocktail is a favorite on any sunny day around the year.


Classic Margarita

It may be just a classic drink, but in Bali the combination ofTequila and Cointreau has a unique sweet and sour touch to it that is a common favorite any day. Commonly available in most of the Bali pubs and bars, the classic margarita is yet another one of those must have's in Bali.


Spiced Margarita

This combination of Tequila, Cointreau, and Lime Juice, Chili and Lemon Basil, is spicy alright but is soothing to the taste-buds all the same. In a flavor-full destination like Bali the uniqueness of the spiced Margarita is awelcome treat and is definitely something worth trying out.


Tequila Sunrise

Colored bright orange, the Tequila Sunrise lives true to its name. This drink made of Tequila, Grenadine, and Orange Juice Served over Ice perfectly complements the picturesque setting breathtaking Bali is so famously known for.


Arak Sunset

In Bali even a plain and simple drink like Arak can be twisted and turned to create classy cocktails. With a combination of Arak, Tangerine Juice and Grenadine Served over Ice the resulting drink is a favorite in many of the Bali Surf Resorts and is very refreshing after an adventurous day on the ocean. You could also have your drink topped with some honey and the Arakmadu would be born; rest assured though all Arak based drinks are made using carefully homemade arak following the highest quality standards.