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Ten Most Badass Movie Cars

Love them or hate them there's always a car you think about when the phrase "badass movie car" is heard, even if you've never seen the movie is from. What makes a movie car badass is up to your own personal perspective, so not everyone will agree with this countdown. Domestic or Import, RWD vs FWD vs AWD, or classic movie cars and antique collectibles are just some of the different flavors in which these badass movie cars come.

Many of these cars seen on TV and involved in some of your favorite movies can be some of the best, but this Ten Most Badass Movie Cars list is not for any car that could possibly exist. From the supercharged to the borderline comical, the only thing these cars share is that there's no way that any of them could ever exist, whether from practicality or the lack of physics.


Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift - 97 Mazda RX-7

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift - 97 Mazda RX-7

Sporting the magnificent Veilside body kit and front conversion, this FD is piloted by Han throughout the film Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and is definitely a badass movie car.

There's quite a few memorable scenes with this car, including an iconic slow motion drift scene around two Japanese girls in a Nissan Skyline.

Sporting some old school Racing Hart C5's this FD turned heads no matter where it went until meeting an unfortunate demise in the painful-to-watch crash scene towards the end.