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Headline for Five Things Students Need to Know About Employment Law in UK
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Five Things Students Need to Know About Employment Law in UK

The employment laws that are in force in UK are very reasonable. Those who are aware of them enjoy their time at work. It is also very important for students to familiarize themselves with these laws early so that even when they come to the job market they will not suffer. Amongst the many things that a student needs to know about the employment laws in UK are five major ones namely;


You are allowed 28 paid holidays

In accordance with the employment laws in UK, every employee is entitled to twenty eight paid holidays. This is because people require rest. They are not machines. So that they do not worry about losing income when taking their rest, they are paid during that period. Students should know that there is no problem at all when it comes to rest. They will get it in plenty and get paid to do so too.


You are entitled to a reasonable notice before dismissal

Every employer within the UK is required to give employees a reasonable notice before dismissal. It ensures that employees can make alternative arrangements to cover their imminent loss of income. An employer cannot just fire you without a notice. It would be a breach.


You are entitled to fair labour standards

All employees in UK are entitled by the employment laws to join labour organizations. These organizations fight for the rights of employees. There is power in collective bargaining for a better outcome. Along these lines, industrial action is legal if an adequate notice has been served to the leaders.


You have a right to leave for child care

Some organizations don’t like their employees to get pregnant because it is time wasting. Students however need to know that it is their right to leave work for maternity leave. During this period they deliver and nurse their babies.


Right to request flexible hours

Students should also know that it is their right to request flexible and convenient working hours. An employee may not be able to work at certain hours for some reason. The employers should assess and reassign this employee with hours that favour him/her.



There are many things that students need to know before they penetrate the job market. These elements help a lot. The students get to know what they have and what they can get. Many students do not know employment law in UK. It is important to sing them by heart.

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