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Humor in Medicine Resources

Laughter Therapy: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

We were born with the gift of laughter. Laughter is a natural medicine. It lifts our spirits and makes us feel happy. Laughter is a contagious emotion. It can bring people together. It can help us feel more alive and empowered. Laughter therapy, also called humor therapy, is the use of humor to promote overall health and wellness.


The ComedyCures Foundation tickles funny bones! We bring joy, laughter, and therapeutic humor programs to kids and grown-ups living with illness depression, trauma and disabilities. Through large & small scale therapeutic comedy programs, we entertain and educate patients, families and caregivers about the power of a comic perspective and the benefits of laughter and positive emotions on the body, mind, and spirit. "Yes, laughter is great medicine!

I am a devoted husband and a proud father of two grown children. I've spent the last four decades researching, documenting, and even prescribing the natural medicine of humor to my patients. You'll be amazed at the power of humor's natural medicine, which you possess in abundance and always have free and easy access towards!

What if there was a progressive radio show where outspoken nurses took on serious issues and had fun doing it? Good News! There is, and it’s called Nurse Talk - a voice for nurses a vision for healthcare.

Journal of Nursing Jocularity - Humor Blog for Nurses

As nurses, using humor is one of the best things we can do to help each other – and ourselves – be happier, healthier people. Laughter is an all-natural way to control stress, keep blood pressure low, and improve your energy levels. Whether you’re the air traffic control in a world of frequent fliers or facing another day with Dr. Crankypants, laughter provides the emotional resiliency nurses need to hang in there.

Through the power of comedy, our goal is to help the individual recharge so that he/she can meet and face serious emotional and physical challenges with a renewed soul and spirit, leading to improved healing and long term well-being. The Rx Laughter workshops help patients regain self-trust and the trust of others, improve self esteem and self confidence and see the world through a more positive lens for a higher quality of life.

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) is non-profit, member driven, international community of humor and laughter professionals and enthusiasts. Formed in 1987 by Registered Nurse, Alison L. Crane, AATH provides its members the education, cutting-edge resources, and supportive community they need to excel in the practice and promotion of healthy humor.