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Headline for How Apps based Booking Drive Change in Taxi Industry?
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How Apps based Booking Drive Change in Taxi Industry?

Technological advancements are transforming the way we do business. They also drive innovations and help in providing a good UX to customers. Similarly, the taxi industry has also undergone a change in the last few years and made the ride experience smoother.

Apps poised to drive change in taxi industry

'Imagine needing a $400,000 licence for the right to serve someone a cup of coffee.' Photo: Rob Homer Work's done, you've left the building, you're standing on a street corner, and you want to get home. But home is half the city away, the trains are not working, it is the middle of the week and you can't justify the cost of a taxi.

Disruption and innovation in taxi booking

Catherine Livingstone is one of the country's most revered and respected business leaders. She is the Chairman of Telstra and the President of the Business Council of Australia. At her recent and much lauded address to the National Press Club in Canberra, you could have heard a pin drop during her speech, such is the gravitas she brings to the role and the high regard in which she is held.

The future of taxi-hailing apps

Over the past two months, two major taxi-hailing apps received new rounds of funding - in December, Baidu announced an investment in Uber while SoftBank, Alibaba Group and Tiger Global committed US$600 million to KuaiDi Dache. However, the growth of such apps face many hurdles. Firstly, legal concerns.

5 Reasons To Use A Mileage Tracking And Fleet Management App

Tracking mileage for business used to involve notebooks, scraps of paper and even napkins from fast food restaurants - admit it, you've done this, I know I have. After recording the mileage, you might have had to do the math on your watch calculator to figure out the difference between [...]

Mobile Cab Reservation Solution for Taxi Service Providers

Have a look at the case study covering a taxi dispatch system built using PHP and the mobile booking app using PhoneGap cross platform technology.

Cloud based solution to manage booking process for taxi service provider

A reservation management system framework for taxi providers. This supporting structure includes booking engine, Fleet, user & payment management modules to deliver a quality customer service.

Online Cab Booking and Taxi Dispatch System

A taxi cab management system built by using framework for Taxi service providers.

5 Advantages of a Cab Management System for Taxi Companies

Today, taxis play an important role in transportation where public transport services are inefficient and unreliable. Additionally, taxis have proved to be an efficient and cost-effective transport mode. But, like every good thing comes with a price, taxi service companies need to deal with certain issues as well, such as controlling fuel wastage, minimizing risks of accidents and dealing with traffic congestion.

Providing a solution to manage booking process for passengers

Developing a mobile solution for cab drivers and passengers to streamline reservation process on the fly by leveraging GPS technology.

What happens when app-makers work with the taxi industry, not against it

Over the past few years, the most disruptive innovation in transportation has been sharing: Smartphone apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar match up riders and people with cars in a seamless experience that cuts out entrenched taxi companies altogether. But a whole other suite of apps are using similar technology to strengthen the regulated cab industry, rather than go around it.

Taxi Booking Apps Making Life Uber Easy One 'Tap' At a Time

Imagine it is cold, windy and you're in a hurry to reach your destination. You don't see signs of any public conveyance and the prospect of walking to the nearest bus/train stop is far from attractive. What do you do? In the past, a situation like th...

Is Technology Disrupting The Taxi Cab Industry?

Technology is transforming not just the way we interact with each other but also how we do business on a day-to-day basis. From online shopping, holiday booking, ordering takeaway, apartment hunting to booking a cab. There’s an app for everything! Technology drives change, change fuels competition and competition induces innovation.