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Must try cuisine in Phuket - Experience Culinary Specialties of Phuket

As one of Thailand's most popular beach holiday hubs Phuket is also home to its fair share of unique culinary offerings. From Kari Mei Fun to Siew Boi the island's top specialty dishes are as follows.


Gaeng Som Goong

Often regarded as a Phuket delicacy the delectable soup known as Gaeng Som Goong is one of the island's favorite dishes. Clear and light the sour tasting soup with a decidedly tangy after taste is a wonderful dish to enjoy any time of the day. Served with a side of shrimp seafood lovers will appreciate the delicate flavours of this soup dish.


Khanom Jeen

A breakfast dish revered for its taste and vitality Khanom Jeen is a rice noodle creation that is widely available across Phuket. Served cold with fresh vegetables the rice noodle dish comes with several accompanying curries as well.


Siew Boi

Another breakfast dish that is also served as snack and a beloved dessert item Siew Boi include dim sum with a side of freshly steamed buns. Served with traditional Portuguese custard tarts this dish is the perfect blend of several regional cuisines and colonial influences on the local culinary forms.


Goong Sarong

Perfect for a midday snack Goong Sarong is another firm favorite among vacationers in Phuket. Shrimps are wrapped in noodles for this Phuket specialty that is then deep fried to perfection to create a crispy seafood snack.


Phad Pak Miang

The ready availability of fresh shrimp also lends itself to this dish. The Phad Pak Miang includes dried shrimps that are sautéed with aromatic green leaves that are locally grown. Infused with garlic the salty and spicy shrimp dish is best enjoyed as a snack or a starter.


Kari Mei Fun

A hot favourite in Phuket's specialty noodle fare Kari Mei Fun combines the flavour of a traditional Penang Laksa curry with its own island twist. Filling and hearty a bowl of Kari Mei Fun leaves one begging for more.



As a dessert item making the list of Phuket specialty items O-Aew is a jelly concoction consisting of herbal banana flavored jelly served with ice shavings and red beans. Perfect on a hot afternoon or after a day of sightseeing this delicious and nutritious dessert is the best way to beat the heat in this beach haven.


Nam Prik Goong Seab

Although most consider Nam Prik Goong Seab as a dip or side dish rather than a culinary staple the shrimp concoction is a hearty meal in its own right for spice lovers. Served with fresh veggies the dried shrimp dip contains plenty of chili to keep the senses tantalized and the pallet whet.


Gaeng Poo Bai Chaplu

Seafood lovers from home and abroad love this crab meat curry dish infused with thick coconut milk for good reasons. Rich and filling a bowl of Gaeng Poo Bai Chaplu also includes wild betel leaves to add flavor and color to the already sensational dish.



As a favourite breakfast staple among tourists vacationing in Phuket this baby oyster omelette is attributed to Fujian culinary school. Available via street side vendors and restaurants in Phuket visitors based in the Anantara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa and other centrally located hotels will find no shortage of eateries in the vicinity serving this delicacy.