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Updated by Martin Couzins on Jun 22, 2017
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Content curation news: Apple's News app, Twitter, Flipboard and more

There have been a few announcements recently by brands such as Apple and Twitter on how they are planning to move into the curation space. Here are some links to these announcements.

Twitter's Top Secret Project Lightning will see the service curated tweets and images from events - be they news, spo...

Dick Costolo is bouncing in his chair. He's just vibrating. It's a Tuesday afternoon, less than 48 hours before he will make public his resignation as Twitter's CEO. And right now, he's ebullient. "So," he asks, excitedly, spinning side to side in his chair a bit. "What did you think?"

Apple News app to rely on editors rather than algorithms for curation. In its next iteration of ios - ios9 - Apple wi...

That news story you just read on your iPhone: did Apple pay the editor responsible? Actually, from this autumn, it's possible that the company did. Related: News outlets face losing control to Apple, Facebook and Google Apple is hiring a team of editors to work on the Apple News app unveiled during the company's recent WWDC event, before the app's launch as part of its iOS 9 software later in the year.

Once the web's fastest growing aggregator, Upworthy pivots. Interesting to see that this hugely succesful content agg...

This viral content site drew almost 50 million unique visitors last August. What happened next will surprise you. Upworthy, the website that made its name re-packaging heartfelt liberal content for maximum shareability on social media, is shifting its focus to the production of original content, laying off six staffers in the process.

Twitter taps celebrity 'curators' from Amanda Palmer to William Shatner. As well as Project Lightning, Twitter is nab...

Twitter's latest new feature involves celebrities and brands curating "collections" of their favourite products and places for their followers on the social network - although in some cases, their lists are decidedly self-promotional.

Testing new ways to make it easier to discover products and places. More on Twitter enabling the curation of products.

Every month, millions of people Tweet about what they love: products they buy, places they visit, books they're reading or vacations they're planning. But it can be challenging to find and engage with the most relevant Tweets, images and videos about products and places when you're looking for them.

Twitter Rolls Out Dedicated Product Pages and Curated Collections. More on Twitter's curated collections.

Twitter announced it is slowly beginning to roll out two new features that it claims will make it easier to discover products and places. The next time you see a tweet a recommendation about a product to buy or place to visit it may be embedded with one of these new product and place pages.

Flipboard Users Can Now Add Their Own Voice, Opinions And Photos To Their Magazines. Interesting developments over at...

Mobile news magazine app Flipboard may be putting on a brave face in the wake of new competition from iOS 9's forthcoming News app, practically a Flipboard clone. But there's no doubt that the service needs to continue to innovate as it prepares to go up against a built-in alternative soon to arrive on millions of iPhones.

Flipboard Claims User Curation Drives Content Sharing. More on the Flipboard moves to help users add more context to ...

Ever since Apple announced its upcoming magazine-like News app and aggregation service for iOS 9 at WDDC this month, the inventor of that format has been doing its best to act cool about it all. Flipboard founder Mike McCue snarked that the upcoming Apple News looked a lot like "something that we actually shipped five years ago."

FlipMarketer on Flipboard. Useful resource, including examples, for using Flipbaord for marketing and comms.

@FlipMarketer | 78 Articles | 5 Magazines | 187 Followers | Flipboard's resource for marketers, communicators and brands. Discover magazines created by peers and read about news and trends in the industry. Tweet using #FlipMarketer to share your magazines.

Can Curation Save Twitter? Good piece by Steve Rosenbaum, author of Curate This. Sums up why Twitter is going down th...

The thing people forget about Twitter is that is already -- by any measure -- a massive success. Almost beyond anyones imagination. Celebrities tweet. Grandmas tweet. N.Y.C. tweets out school closings. It's too successful, it's too much signal -- without a filter.

What Twitter Can Be. Steve Rosenbaum's piece in the Huffington post links to this. It is a really good read on the pr...

Disclaimers: 1) This is a very long read. Thinking about a company and using its product obsessively for nine years straight will do that to you. 2) My funds and I own a lot of Twitter stock. 3) I do not speak for Twitter. 4) I have no inside information about Twitter.

Introducing Curator, a new way to find and display great Twitter content. And yest another development, which is not ...

Whether it's Fashion Week, the Cricket World Cup or a TV show finale, surfacing great Twitter content in key moments is a powerful catalyst for engaging audiences and igniting conversations. Now we're making it easier than ever to find and display the most relevant Twitter and Vine content with a new tool called Curator.

Curation and Algorithms - Stratechery by Ben Thompson

A superb piece on curation and algorithms and the future of curation - which is likely to be a mix of tech and the human touch.

Snapchat Is Making Some Pretty Serious Money From Live Stories

Snapchat is using human editors to curate stories . . .

LinkedIn Raises Its Game In Social Media With Elevate, An App To Suggest And Share Stories

LinkedIn, the social platform with 350 million users where people network for business deals, new jobs, news, and soon to learn a thing or two, is now tapping another business area: social media management. Interesting to see the effect curated content has . . .

How Upworthy is using data to move beyond clickbait and curation

The jokes in Upworthy writer Eric March's piece " 5 incredibly delicious chain restaurants you should never, ever eat at and 1 you should but can't " are unrelenting. Even though fast food is terrible for us, March writes that offerings such as the Chick-fil-A original chicken sandwich are better than "The pyramids.

Hands-On With the Apple News App in iOS 9 - how Apple will curate news.

Here's a walkthrough of the new News app introduced in the third beta of iOS 9, which was released to developers this morning.

Introducing Clipping on LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn has launched a clipping tool to help you curate and share slides from any slidedeck on the platform..

Meet Shared Collections: Now you can choose to share what you read with others

Feedly Pro enables users to create shared curated pages of feeds. Useful way to curate feeds and simply make them accessible to colleagues.

Introducing Signal for Facebook and Instagram

Signal is Facebook's new content discovery and curation tool for journalists.

Tastemaker: How Spotify's Discover Weekly cracked human curation at internet scale

Really interesting insights into how Spotify is trying to crack curation using algorithms and human decisions about music. Fascinating - looks like music is leading the way in human/algorithm curation.

With Its Curation Product Twitter Becomes an Editorial Beast. Does This Beast Have a Soul?

Interesting piece on the impact of curation on news and how Twitter intends to create a news service out of curated content.

Moments, the best of Twitter in an instant

Twitter's new curation tool is called Moments and this is the blog post from Twitter announcing its launch in the US. The post gives some context to the tool and how it works.

About Moments

This is the 'How to use' Moments article published in the Twitter Help centre - it shows you how to use Moments.

So this isn't news, rather a much bigger issue around curation and that is how content is stored (or not) on the web....

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