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Home Improvement and real estate


Solar-Thermal Water Heating Systems For Your Home

What you need to know about solar-thermal water heating systems .

What are solar-thermal water heating systems? A solar-thermal water heating system refers to a system which uses the sun's energy to heat water without having to convert it into electrical energy, unlike solar-electric panels. Solar-thermal systems are also generally less expensive than solar-electric panels.

Adani Realty Building Homes In The Best Locations

How Adani Realty chooses the best locations for residential projects ?

Those who are well-acquainted with real estate will understand the supreme importance of location. A home can be changed over time with home improvements, upgrades etc, but one can never change the location. India's top property developer Adani Realty chooses the best locations for its residential projects.

Practical Kitchen Ideas

Simple and practical ideas for your kitchen It is very easy to be intimidated by the latest kitchen designs as you know that you will have to spend a lot of money to achieve such results. However, you do not need to spend a fortune to get a great kitchen which scores on both aesthetics and functionality.

Motion Sensor Lighting

The benefits of motion sensor Motion sensing lighting is a feature that benefits homeowners in four major ways - security, safety, convenience and energy-efficiency. Motion sensor lighting only switches on when required, and switches off automatically, thus using energy only when necessary. In fact, one could go for solar-powered motion sensor lighting for the outdoors.

Property Deal Victims

How to avoid getting victimised during a property deal One of the greatest fears of first-time buyers is becoming the victim of a property deal. Such fears are fed by news of a friend or relative who got duped in a property deal and lost a large sum of money.

Purchasing Flipped Properties

What you need to know before purchasing flipped properties The word 'flipping' is quite common in the field of real estate. An individual may buy a home which may be in bad condition and invest money and several months in renovating it and bringing in many upgrades; and then proceed to sell the property for an amount higher than what he bought it for.

When 'For Sale By Owner' Fails

Knowing the reasons why FSBOs can fail 'For sale by owner' refers to a situation where a seller has chosen not to hire a real estate agent for selling a property. The most common reason for going FSBO is to save the money that goes into paying the real estate agent's commission.

Buyer's, Seller's And Neutral Markets

Knowing the difference between buyer's, seller's and neutral markets It is a known fact that the real estate market is in a constant state of flux and has its cycles. Buyer's market, seller's market and neutral market are different phases of the real estate market's cycles.

Property Pricing Errors

Mistakes that sellers need to avoid while pricing propertiesThe first pricing mistake made by property-sellers is equating property value to sentimental value. Many home owners tend to value their homes higher than what the market does. To get a more accurate idea of a realistic price for your property, look at what comparable properties in the nei...

The Importance Of A Real Estate Agent

The various functions performed by a real estate agent What is the role of a real estate agent in a property deal? How can they help you sell your property? In a nutshell, a real estate agent is your most valuable ally in a property deal.

The Right Way To Buy Or Sell Properties

Guidelines that both buyers and sellers need to know During property deals, there are basic guidelines that buyers and sellers need to follow. Let us look at some of these guidelines. Let us first look at the guidelines for buyers.

How Property Deals Can Fail

Looking at why certain property deals fail Property deals can be quite a complex and time-consuming process - therefore, to have them fall through at the last minute can be quite frustrating for the seller. Let us look at why certain property deals fail.

Property Marketing Mistakes

The right marketing strategies can mean the difference between a property getting sold fast and for a good price, and a property languishing on the market. Many property sellers commit marketing mistakes which cause their property to spend a long time in the market or to get sold for a figure lesser than what it merits.

Readying Yourself For Selling A Property

The route to a successful property sale is thorough preparation. Let us look at the right way to get ready for a property sale. The first stage of preparation is purely mental. One has to get into the mindset of a 'property seller' and not a 'property owner'.

Why Your Property Is Not Selling

Looking at why your property is not selling It is a property seller's worst nightmare - a property sitting unsold on the market. Such a situation is scary because every extra day that a property sits on the market makes it more 'undesirable' to prospective buyers who may begin to think that the house is not selling due to serious defects.

Investing In A Home Prior To Selling It

Choosing which areas to invest in before a property sale Investing in a property the right way can lead to an increase in property value. However, there are many points to consider before deciding how to go about it. What every property seller should look at is the returns on investment.

Using Staging To Sell Your Home

How staging can be used as a tool to promote a property sale The real estate market can be quite competitive - with sellers becoming more and more informed it is not uncommon to see flawlessly packaged properties. One of the most important components of packaging a property is staging.

The Building Blocks Of A Property Sale

Let us look at the basic building blocks of a property sale. The first component is timing. You will have to look at market conditions and see whether the time is right to go ahead with a property sale.

Property Sale By Auction

There are primarily two ways to sell property - private sale and auction. Many choose to go the way of selling property by auction. Let us look at what to consider before taking this route.

A Great Working Relationship With A Real Estate Agent

A solid partnership for great results A real estate agent is the professional you approach whenever you wish to buy or sell property. An agent is a professional who will act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, and strive to achieve an outcome that is most favourable for their client.

A Private Sale

What sellers need to know about selling property through a private sale There are primarily two ways to sell a property - through auction and private sale. Let us look at what you need to know about selling property through private sale. One way of going about a private sale is through a fixed price private sale.

A Deadline Private Sale

What you need to know about selling property through a deadline private sale One can choose to sell a property through auction or private sale. There is a type of private sale known as deadline private sale. Let us look more into this mode of selling property.

Buyer's Remorse

Imagine that you are a home owner who has put his property up for sale. After a long period of waiting, you finally get a good offer from a prospective buyer. Both of you go ahead with the deal, and you are satisfied that the transaction will be over soon.

Before Investing In Property

If you are planning on investing in real estate in the near future, there are a few things that you will need to do before proceeding further. The first thing to understand is that one should not do anything in haste - there is simply too much money involved in a real estate investment.

Mistakes That Home-Buyers Make

Avoiding common mistakes committed by home-buyers.