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Updated by Sanjana Singh on Jun 24, 2015
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8 PPC Blogs You Would Love to Read

This list serves you a complete breakfast of PPC blogs which you would definitely love to share and enjoy altogether.


Inside AdWords

introducing a free, ad-supported version so even more people can enjoy music that makes whatever they're doing better. At any moment in the day, Google Play Music has music for what people are doing - whether you're working, working out, or working it on the dance floor - offering curated radio stations that deliver the right song at the right time.

PPC: Bid Management Strategies to Improve CTR & Campaign ROI | SEW

In-depth paid search advertising guides and the latest updates on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other pay-per-click (PPC) ad tools and platforms.

Blog - Bing Ads

Read how SMB marketing experts - both in and outside of Microsoft - give you the scoop on the latest industry trends and provide tips for your small or medium business.

Internet Marketing Blog | Wordstream

Life isn't lived in years or days or even hours, it's lived in moments. New-day-new-start moments Time-for-a-new-one moments I-can-totally-fix-this moments Seize-the-snow-day moments Seriously Google? This is too cute Google's new marketing buzzword? "Micro-moments." We've been hearing it time and time again since early Spring and I must admit, Google's done a phenomenal job at promoting this...

PPC Strategy & Pay Per Click Advertising News | PPC Hero®

Ad copy testing is one of the most basic principles in PPC. Generating and maintaining compelling creative can be a daunting task in PPC, however it is one of the most impactful strategies for increasing traffic, lowering costs, and boosting revenue. Yet, a surprising number of advertisers don't take advantage of ad copy testing.




Acquisio is a performance media solution that enables digital marketers to optimize their search campaigns and report on social, mobile and display initiatives. Our automated system does 90% of the work ensuring that more of users' time is free for analyzing data and improving campaigns.

Pay Per Click - Quora

PPC is an abbreviation for pay per click Internet Advertising.

Tenscores Blog - Lessons learned losing and making money with Adwords and PPC

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series about the philosophy and pragmatism behind writing powerful Adwords ads. Read the introduction here Warning: This article contains mature content. Reader's discretion is advised. Marketers. Always craving for attention, talking about our products, services, offers, always trying to make a sale.