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School of Performing Arts

School of Fine Arts

School of Fine Arts at Marwah Studio is one of the committed to provide art education with inculcation of creative expressions in its students.

Life of a professional dancer

In this day and age, one has the fortune of choosing from so many career possibilities. Over the years, a career in dance has also gained popularity and is not a rare scenario anymore.

Popular Dance Forms of The World

Dance is a form of expression. People all over the world use various dance forms to express themselves using body movement.

Importance of Having a Music Mentor

Education is a two-way process. No matter how good a student may be, nothing extraordinary can ever be achieved if the teacher is unable to bring out the best from him/her.

Why Hobbies are important in Our Life?

When I was small, I did not have any hobbies. No, watching television is not something I would consider as a real hobby. But when I was introduced to the world of books, everything changed.

You do not Need to Say you are a Dancer

That’s right! You do not need to tell people that you are a dancer. That’s because your idiosyncrasies can give you away even before you utter a single word.

What Makes a Good Actor A Great Actor?

One might think that that special little ingredient that distinguishes a phenomenal actor from an average actor is a quality that just cannot be explained.

How to Make a Career in Music

One might think that that special little ingredient that distinguishes a phenomenal actor from an average actor is a quality that just cannot be explained.

Primary forms of Performing Arts include music, dance and theatre. Music is an art form composed and performed for a variety of purpose. Dance generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting.

Having decided to become a better singer, I did a detailed research on all music schools in my vicinity, and finally discovered the perfect music academy that suited my needs. Let me confess; the first few weeks were really bad.

Learn Different Types of Indian Music

Music is an integral part of Indian culture. The pleasurable and ravishing eminence of Indian music leads to unity in diversity.

Benefits of music Education

Know someone who doesn’t love music? I don’t!In a world where we are surrounded by music wherever we go, I highly doubt the existence of people who can hold themselves back from tapping to the beats of the rhythmical sounds.

Get Better at Painting Now!

Those who pursue any activity seriously are bound to encounter a few roadblocks on the long journey. Obviously, nobody likes to come across obstacles that hinder their growth.

The Complete Drawing Courses

To a painter, colors are life. Colors are the medium of his expression. Through colors, he can draw whatever and paint whoever and communicate to the world about the wonders the colors can do.

Dance to Stay Fit & Healthy Powered

Let's take these philosophical words of wonderful Ella Van Dam to mean something quite literal –down to the T. Why walk, indeed? Dance offers a number of physical and mental benefits. So why walk when you can keep your mind and body healthy through such a beautiful thing as dance?

Benefits Gained from Learning a Musical Instrument

Somebody rightly said, “Music is what feelings sound like”. Music is capable of expressing what the voice hesitates to. Apart from instantly imparting hope and joy, it has innumerable other benefits.

Different Types of Dance Dress Patterns

Dance is all about expressions- expressing through the steps, through the face and through the costume. Today, a number of students are learning dance at dance institutes and colleges and making career out of it.

Things to do Before joining an Art College

If you have set your minds in joining an art college, you should prepare yourself in that direction. All you need to do is to follow a few steps with full determination, and you are there

Music and its Role and Importance in our Lives

So, the other on my way to office, I saw one boy in at the metro platform with these huge earphones on his head (which made it look like another head altogether) doing some weird things with his hands and legs (later got to know it was tutting; a form of dance).

Trust on True Talent

Lucky are those people who are born with talent and their talent is not confined to just themselves. Luckier are those who have such people in their life who chisel out the hidden talent in you and help you to bring it out in the open.

Dance Competition At Asian School of Performing Arts

After the long workshop of ten days on Dance and Choreography the students of Asian School of Performing arts were more than excited to participate in the Dance presentation program designed for them at the academy at Marwah Studios Film City Noida.

Types Fine Arts Photography

The national school of drama in Delhi is a training institute which aims to produce enterprising students who are capable of thinking independently and using their creative minds for practicing theatre. It offers a number of courses in the field of drama- modern Indian drama and world drama.

Creative Arts and Design Courses

I believe we have had enough of engineers and doctors in our society. I like all those students who go out of their way to follow their passion and don’t blindly follow the herd of aspirants of conventional professions.

Top 3 Career Options for Fine Art Graduates

My cousin is really enthusiastic about a career in Fine arts, and it is true, her drawing and sketching skills are commendable.

They say “Music is what feelings sound like”, and feelings indeed are expressed in multiple forms of music. Be it vocal or instrumental- music can effectively express what is inexpressible by the other mediums.

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