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Liquid Gas Monitoring Solution

Trakaid LgMONITOR is a cloud-based monitoring system which uses sensing devices and telemetry technology to provide a remote liquid gas monitoring solution. It features easy-to-use products, takes full advantage of underlying technologies, and provides high value. LgMONITOR helps simplify liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management and real-time monitoring.


9 Key Benefits Gas Suppliers Can Get from Trakaid's LgMonitor

As the curve of the population has moved higher, the number of industries has taken an upsurge, and these various industries demand various cryogenic gases to carry their day-to-day functions. The gases - nitrogen, oxygen, helium, methane, argon, etc. needs gas cylinders to be supplied. However, cryogenic tanks of different sizes have different handling requirements.

How to Crank Up Gas Supply Business with LgMonitor

The world today is experiencing unpredictable upheavals in the prices of oil and gas, making controlling and monitoring of gas cylinders even more crucial. In such a circumstance, Trakaid LgMonitor proves to be the best product that offers an extremely dependable platform.

6 Quick Tips to Bring 100% Accuracy in Gas Supply Business

You must be a proud startup or an enterprise dwelling since a decade or two in the gas industry. But ever wondered how amazing it would have been, had you maintained accuracy in each of your business operations? Imagine how accuracy would have achieved that list of goals in a year that you are planning to fulfill in five years or so.

How will Gas Monitoring Solution Impact Gas Industry?

Manage inventory for reordering gas on time Efficient use of assets to enable smooth production Measure accurately the gas usage of the customers Forecast expected use for more cryogenic tanks Monitor pressure and level of the tanks cost-effectively Notify inefficiencies and defects to be tackled Save time and money Access data from remote locations day and night Mismanaged inventories can create serious financial issues for a gas business.

10 Signs You Should Invest in Gas Monitoring

Since more than 150 years, a lot has changed. However, the gas industry is still characterized by a true entrepreneurial passion that invigorates opportunity seeking. So what opportunities you need to seize acknowledging the signs that can disrupt your gas startup? What are those signals and how can you drive success to your business?

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Gas Monitoring Solution

The expanding market and the increased demands have led to elevating competition in today's world. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium and argon are supplied as cryogenic gases. The low-temperature liquefied gases are required for a number of purposes by various industries. These industries are oil and gas, chemicals, nuclear power, mining, steelmaking, metals, medicine, electronics, aerospace and so on.

Why New Telemetry System Should Be Your First Choice When Monitoring Gas Tanks

Introduction As the focus shifts from volume to value, the gas supply companies are bound first to increase the efficiency of safe and on-time deliveries to the existing customers and later think about multiplying their number of clients. Besides, the technological espousal has fueled enormous shifts in global demographics, wealth and customer engagement.

5 Ways Trakaid's LgMonitor Will Save Gas Suppliers Money & Time

The present situation and the need of the hour Ruffled by global economic turbulence, uncontrollable competition, bewildering complexities, disturbed time management and shocking additional charges - the liquid gas companies become firm and confident about changing the way their business has been operating until today.