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Exhibits at Aquaria KLCC, a splendid aquarium

Aquaria KLCC, a large oceanarium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers many intriguing attractions for the visitor. Some of this aquarium's most mesmerizing exhibits are listed below.


Rocky Shore Touch Pool

This popular hands-on exhibit permits visitors to not only observe but also touch and examine the entrancing exhibits which include a sea star, sea cucumber, bamboo shark, horseshoe crab and box crab. These enthralling creatures can rarely be seen by humans and therefore present an intriguing sight that will capture the imagination of the visitor. Children in particular will be entranced by these exotic denizens of the deep. Ocean creatures are rarely as accessible as in this engrossing exhibit at Aquaria KLCC.


The Stream

This remarkable exhibit takes you to the habitat of a jungle stream, with a sandy bottom and flattish rocks. Here you will encounter aquatic and land animals which are typically found in this kind of environment. Creatures that visitors will be able to observe here include small-clawed Asian otters and freshwater snapping turtles. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to explore a flowing rainforest stream with its unusual and mysterious inhabitants, The Stream is sure to astound and delight you.


The Electric Zone

As its name indicates this amazing exhibit is devoted to animals that are capable of producing electricity. This ability is one of mother nature's most astonishing creations, enabling these creatures to protect themselves by releasing electricity. This amazing ability is possessed only by a very few animals, and never fails to capture the interest of zoologists and ordinary observers alike. Creatures that you will find in this exhibit include the electric catfish, electric eel and elephant-nosed fish. The Electric Zone will undoubtedly entrance and captivate the observer with these living wonders.


Deep Forest

Imagine entering a body of water in a huge primeval forest, filled with beautiful and exotic plants and animals. If you have ever imagined wandering through a silent shimmering forest lake in the evening hours, this is the kind of experience that Deep Forest simulates. Intriguing animals to be found in this zone are such fascinating exhibits as the Arapaima and giant catfish. Even if you never actually explore the enigmatic reaches of the Amazon, this exhibit will provide an enthralling glimpse of what this experience would be like.


Shipwreck & Wave Tank

This is Aquaria KLCC's latest attraction and draws inspiration from the numerous authentic shipwrecks that may be found in Malaysian waters. The Shipwreck intends to convey the actual visual sensations you would experience if you actually explored an undersea shipwreck. This exhibit will also provide an insight into the many diving spots that may be found across the expansive nation of Malaysia. Irrespective of whether you are a diving enthusiast or not, this alluring exhibit is sure to entrance and entertain. If you desire to experience the vast Aquaria KLCC and other attractions in the Malaysian capital, an excellent accommodation choice would be quality serviced apartments in Kuala Lumpur like the Ascott Kuala Lumpur.


The Coast

This exhibit depicts the distinctive environment of mangrove estuaries which are to be seen in areas where rivers meet the sea. These mangrove areas support a vast amount of marine life and serve as nurseries for many kinds of fish. These coast areas and adjacent waters are considered to be significant parts of the thriving local ecosystems. The mixture of salt water and fresh water in these estuaries create many essential nutrients for marine life forms. The Coast duplicates the fertile conditions that may found in these coastal estuaries.