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Updated by Antivia Software on Oct 02, 2015
Headline for The Data Vault: Top 9 data articles, 15 - 22 June
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The Data Vault: Top 9 data articles, 15 - 22 June

Antivia's weekly roundup of the best data articles from the past week.

Why user adoption matters in business intelligence

"User adoption is the only metric that matters in BI." This is something we are passionate about at Antivia, because we believe everyone in an organization should have the information they need to help them do their job effectively, regardless of their job title or where they are based.

Business and IT leaders disagree on the future of data - report

Print this page Email article More than two-thirds (71%) of corporate leaders recognise the importance of data to their companies but only 11% have actually generated financial value, according to new research. Conducted by OnePoll in May 2015, the survey of 500 chief executives revealed stark and worrying differences in how data is perceived, used and valued by IT and business leaders.

From calorie postings to health ratings, big data does social good

Jun 17, Health Credit: luckey_sun/FlickrBig data gets a bad rap. While stories show up practically every day about the novel and sometimes surprising ways Internet companies can use the massive amounts of data they collect from us (recently, for instance, Belgium criticized the way Facebook shares users' likes with its advertisers), the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of social science data has the capacity to do much social good.

DesignStudio as a replacement for SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius

As you plan your move away from Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards (which, if you are not already doing, you really ought to get started) then I would recommend listening to a recent episode of the Diversified Semantic Layer Podcast* entitled " Is DesignStudio the Dashboard Slayer?".

If you want big data, start small

If you believe everything the IT industry tells you, then by now " big data" should have resolved all your decision-making problems and presented executives and employees with the insights they need to do their jobs better. It hasn't? What's wrong with you?

Debunked! 9 myths about big data and Hadoop

Big data analytics is one of the major trends every company is told it must jump on for competitive advantage, even survival. As a result, there's a lot of mythology around big data. Those myths can lead you astray, wasting resources or putting you on dead-end paths.

The Smart City Of Milton Keynes: Using Sensors And Big Data To Improve Public Services

I've recently written about the global trend towards creating Smart Cities - based on the idea of using the types of smart, connected technology which is making waves in industry and entertainment to improve public utilities, services and the quality of life in our towns and cities. So I thought it [...]

How to Avoid the Big Bad Data Trap

With a small amount of effort, companies can often find a signal amid the noise of unstructured big data. But at the same time, they can fall into a data trap. Companies can get their data house in order by adopting a systematic approach to total data-quality management.

Datafloq - 10 Myths about Cloud Computing

Cloud is recognized as facilitating "speed-to-market" - and for its ability to drive business agility. This is because cloud supports rapid experimentation and innovation by allowing companies to quickly try and even adopt new solutions without significant up-front costs. The Cloud can be a highly agile wrapper around different systems, different behavior and bringing it all together in an engagement cycle.