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Headline for 21st Century - 8th Grade Learners
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21st Century - 8th Grade Learners

Here is a list of the 8 needed skills for the future:

  • Leadership
  • Digital Literacy
  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Citizenship
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Working
Leadership lesson plan:

The leaders of tomorrow are the students of today. As teachers we must accept the responsibility of preparing the students to become leaders. This website contains multiple lesson plans that can be used to teach the necessary leadership qualities for students to become successful leaders in the future. The lesson plans are part of a course offered by

More Ways of Teaching Leadership - TeacherTube

A video that explains using specific leadership tools to develop leadership skills. Students and teachers explain and elaborate on each leadership tool.


This is a graphic organizer used to explain: currency; relevance; authority; accuracy; and purpose. This test is used to evaluate web sources. It is designed to help students search through information and determine which sources are valuable to the topic of research leading students to become digital literate.

Literacy through Self-Ethnography

This lesson plan provides students with the opportunity to develop literacy skills through the use of photography. The lesson purpose is to allow students to discover their writers voice by using their photography as a means of expressing themselves as a guidepost to literacy.

Digital Literacy Story - TeacherTube

This video is a teachers story of using mental images to help students create and obtain Digital Literacy.

Communication Lesson Plan, Job Skills Worksheets, Teaching Information

This lesson is an introduction to basic communication skills. The lesson is provided by

What is Digital Citizenship?

This video goes explains the steps and qualities needed to be a Digital Citizen. Students need to be informed and prepared to embark on the journey be digitally responsible.

10 Team-Building Games For The First Day Of Class

At the beginning of school each year students begin anew. Through the use of team building activities students will become familiar with the teacher and other classmates. The use of team building activities students learn to work and communicate as a team.

21st Century Skills

This video show students the 21st Century Skills in problem solving and critical thinking.

Practicing Problem Solving

This lesson will introduce problem solving procedures in a structured environment. Also the students will be able to practice conflict resolution in a safe classroom.

5 Problem-Solving Activities for the Classroom

This lesson preps students to practice problem solving skills with activities and real life scenarios.

The Global You | iCivics

This lesson is designed to prepare students to identify and define global citizenship.

Lesson 1: What Makes a Leader?

Through researching great American leaders students will be able to identify characteristics of leadership.

Team Building Lesson

This lesson focuses teaching the elements of team work. It is imperative that students learn how to function as a member of a team. Students will begin to learn the skills necessary to be successful now and in the future.


ITSE Standards for Students

ITSE Standards for Students

Technology Standards

Classroom Activities

This lesson or activity teaches students about risk taking as an entrepreneur. With more lessons and classroom activities.

PHSE Full lesson powerpoint Emotional Intelligence

This is a power point lesson on exploring emotional intelligence. Students will be introduced to skills critical for emotional well being and life success.