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Epitome Solutions

We provide you information about Web Conferencing solutions, Live Webcasting, Video on Demand, Webinar, Live Streaming, Online Meeting, and Event Broadcasting

LIVE WEBCASTING | Web Conferencing | Webinar

Epitome Solutions Provide services of web conferencing solutions, Live Webcasting, Video on Demand, Webinar, Live Streaming, Online Meeting, and Event Broadcasting. For more information please contact us.

Live Meeting | Online Meetings| Online Training

With our online meeting tools we allows you to host an online meeting with up to people so you can do more work and travel less. It’s easy to use and includes unlimited online sessions, integrated audio/video conferencing, and ability to record session for anytime playback.

Live Webcasting Software

Epitome's Live Webcasting technology provides the simplest powerful video streaming on internet, local network and multicast cloud for all your streaming needs. There are many benefits to using Epitome Live Webcasting Software including: Reach any device with high quality live and on demand streaming audio and video.

Epitome Among The Fastest Growing Companies in India

It has been a few years since Epitome launched its services in India. Now the company is considered to be among the fastest growing providers of SAAS currently in the country. If you are looking for Software as a Service provider, then you must have surely heard of Epitome Solutions.

Online Web Based Virtual Classroom

We provide a Virtual Classroom Software that helps you to design, manage and deliver compelling courses to the students. Also you can deliver PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Word documents, multimedia content from the web to students.

Companies Are Promoting Their Brands with Online Seminars

The internet is driving more and more companies to globalize their brands. At the same time, this technology has made such business processes a faster one. That is why a huge number of corporations and companies are beginning to use the internet every day. In fact, it has impossible for a company to claim its brand unless it has a presence on the internet.

Learn Everything about Online Teaching and Learning Jobs

In today's world of advanced technology, competition has become violent with online teaching and learning services. It's easy to get lost in the competitive market. In order to stand out, you have to be stay updated with the changes in the Internet marketing skills.

Modern Patient Care Systems Can Incorporate Live Online Conferences

Medical centers are always in the search for methods through which the satisfaction levels of patients can be improved. Patients, these days, expect the medical services such as hospitals to provide a professional level of care. They do not want comfort to be compromised as it can help speed up their recovery time.

Virtual Surveillance Services

Epitome solutions offer network centric virtual video surveillance software that supports video transmission, monitoring, recording, and management. The virtual surveillance solutions work in unison with the advanced features and functions of the IP network infrastructure to enable secure, policy-based access to live or recorded video.

Video Conferencing Software and video conferencing services

Epitome Solutions is one of the leading companies in the business that offers quality video conferencing services. Video conferencing saves your time and money.

Event Broadcasting and Webcasting services

Epitome solution can broadcast your event live over a secure web feed, giving your customer a front row seat at their computer. For more information Contact US for Demo of Webcasting, Live streaming, Virtual Classroom services.

Video on Demand | Video Hosting | Online Video | VOD

Epitome Solutions offer Professional Online Video Services beginning to end of it. From Consulting, Video Hosting, Video on Demand services.

What is Live Webcasting

Live Webcasting refers to the process of distributing a webcast media file over the Internet. The term ‘webcast’ literally means broadcasting over the web. It directly pertains to non-interactive linear events and streams. Live webcasting is done with the help of streaming media technology. Other than live streaming, webcast media video may also get distributed on the Internet for on demand viewing.

Web Channel | Live Streaming | streaming | Live Broadcasts| HD live network

Web channel Grow your audience with the leading solution for live streaming. It is a global, carrier-grade, HD quality live streaming solution that is easy-to-implement, scalable, and cost-effective. Organizations large and small have relied on Epitome to broadcast one-time events, weekly meetings, 24/7 broadcasts, and more.

Excellent Web Seminars Lead to Increased Exposure for Businesses

A web based seminar can be a great way to get the word of a business out. After all, the internet is a powerful communication tool which has connected the entire world together. However, a webinar needs to be hosted in the right manner. Otherwise, it can be difficult to enjoy the benefits it is capable of providing.

Students Enjoy the Distinct Effectiveness of Web Based Training

Web based training is a rather new method of providing training and instruction through the internet. There is no need for a human instructor to be present for training the student or the employee. Various businesses and institutions are taking advantage of online training technologies.

Things to Consider While Implementing Video Streams

The internet has evolved by leaps and bounds since its inception. Nowadays, it is ruled by multimedia such as images and videos. Video streaming has become commonplace in the internet. However, in order to make the most out of this technology, you need to consider a few things.

Cloud Based Monitoring and Surveillance

The main advantages of cloud surveillance is easy access to the users, online video storage, live remote monitoring and video searching from a single site, sharing video clips and maintenance and centralized management of cameras to the users.

Video Conferences Are a Savior for Employees and Employers

The number of companies that are using web conferencing streaming technologies and functionalities are increasing on a daily basis. These technologies act as platforms from which team members and employees can collaborate and remain connected with each other.

Why Epitome's Video-On-Demand is attracting more and more for Education Segment

Video on Demand has become one of the most popular methods of conveying media to audiences across the world. It has gained tremendous popularly in the entertainment sector but other sectors are now becoming active users. The education sector is rapidly assimilating this technology.

Students Are Using Web Conferences to Reach Out To International Counterparts

Innovative technologies can help students cross boundaries and oceans in an instant to reach out their counterparts living hundreds of miles away. Video conferencing is one of them. This new technology has recently emerged into a powerful tool for people looking to connect with others.

Web Conferencing Is Becoming a Popular Solution for Institutions

Conferences have always been an essential component of the activities of commercial enterprises. However, with the advancement of technology and the need for increasing the savings, it has become more important than ever for companies to invest in virtual video web conference platforms for their business.

Webcasting Is Benefitting Organizations across the World

Institutions of all kinds, across the world, are constantly in search of a communication tool that allows them to reach their audience faster and more easily. For them, webcasting technologies have proven to be a boon. A webcast can bring with it a number of benefits that can be otherwise difficult to achieve.

Epitome's Bandwidth Aggregation Technology

Epitome Solutions has recently started offering bandwidth aggregation technology for its wide range of clientele. Bandwidth aggregation is a rather novel piece of technology that has found a wide usage amongst companies. Smaller companies especially will find it to be of use as it can decrease their internet costs.

Virtual Meetings Require Special Attention from Their Hosts

As technology advances, it has begun to find wider usage in the world of commerce and business. Live online meetings have become more than just an optional tool for businesses. A virtual meeting is now a necessity for companies that want to improve their global reach.