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My Periscopes

#Scopefolio using Listly -

Recap of #scopefolio idea using tool #3 @listly #periscope - watch my full scope demoing the idea or check out a sample version at #tips personal #branding

3 Key Tips for Periscope Broadcasters - Flipagram

Summary of my Periscope broadcast where I talk about 3 Tips when creating and doing broadcasts and why they are important for broadcasters.

Here's the cheat sheet to sign up for Katch

Here's the notebook version #periscope

Part 1 True viewership and "engagement" - Flipagram

Just keep scoping. Participation in scopes can not be judged by hearts, or even interaction. This is a tool that reaches the world and not everyone is an interacter. #periscope #tips #strategy

July 15th - Major #Periscope broadcaster announcement #howto use #katch

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Watch "The place of John Lennon's Bed In: Queen Elizabeth hotel #montreal history and scenes quick scope" by Mila Ara...

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Talking about Customer Service Challenges

This is a highlight of the scope on Customer service where we discussed the most important quality in a service representative, and the challenges

This week's scopes in photos

We saw a lot of cool sights this weekend on my Periscope! Follow me there to join us live next time :) Here's the overview of the week in pictures!

Montreal Zip Line at the Old Port #weekendscope on Periscope

Zip Line at the old port of Montreal!

We still have Horses and Carriages at the Old Port of Montreal

Highlight of my scope at the old port of Montreal where Horse and Carriage rides take you on tours of the old city!

This week's scopes in photos - Flipagram

Bring Moments to Life! Create short photo video stories with your photos, videos clips, and favorite music.

Quick recap Highlights of the Periscope I did at the Jazz Festival of Montreal. This was Lindy Hop dancers in the str...

Highlights from the #Montreal #Jazz #festival #jazzfest #periscope #lindyhop on the street #scopefolio

Learning about wine with @Atelierssaveurs on Periscope

Do you know how to tell the sugar content of a wine, or alcohol content just by looking? Check out this micro version of the Periscope I did at Ateliers and Saveurs Montreal :)

Understanding Periscope Search. >> FULL VERSION : Optimize for search -simple #tip

Periscope search is not like other search engines, some things to pay attention to if you want to be found via their search feature on Periscope. This scope not only covered this, but also thanks to the great involvement of everyone joining brought up some other great areas of discussion. The shortened verison will follow, for now here is the full scope.

A blog post will follow on this topic at

Top notes:
1. Write your name in normal characters and don't surround it with symbols
2. Make your @username the same as your twitter handle. if you do not do this, then put your Twitter name into your bio so people can reference you and find you easily.
3. The first words in your bio appear to be the strongest for pulling you into search results
4. We used @Revbeej as an example to see how their search can hinder finding someone. He does not appear under hummingbird, even thought we altered his entry to put the word hummingbird first!

5. Putting your website in your bio is a good idea - search picks up on this. A great example is @clairewad she comes up under Pariswithclaire - notable however, she does not come up under a search for Paris. Neither does @Euromaetro or @ChantalTV . These important examples demonstrate how when you use search it is not going for relevancy and you must manipulate your choice of words to be found, IF you hope people can find you.

Questions: How often does the Periscope search engine reindex the bios and user names? How does their search work? Do they have plans to update it? To be answered in a later scope - I have asked Periscope to comment on this.

How To Be Inspired To Create Outstanding Content - Content Marketing by Perspectives @Milaspage

This is the 5 minute audio version of my Periscope - How to create outstanding content.

Watch "The biggest bubbles 😍EVER👏👏👏" by Mila Araujo on Katch

Check out Mila Araujo's latest live streams on Katch

Watch "💕💕Street Chronicles - more art and culture #montreal ❤️❤️❤️" by Mila Araujo @Milaspage

The Illuminated Crowd Sculpture and The Art Exhibit on the Streets of Montreal.