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Updated by Akansha Verma on Sep 23, 2015
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Dating Tips and Ideas

7 Things To Remember For An Amazing Date

Dating needs to be fuss free and smooth but often times it isn't. When done right, a date can prove to be a promise of fun filled and exciting future while if you err... All your efforts will go down the drain.

Easy Ways to Deal with Break Ups

Relationships are called off faster than they are made. Blame it on the generation or the lifestyle, break ups are more often than they are expected. No...

Let me start by asking a question. Does the idea of online dating appeal to you? Well, if it doesn't, you are not the only one. The idea that one can find one's true love through the medium of a website is often considered lame and foolish.

Are you Waiting for the One you Love?

So, frankly and honestly speaking, social statuses these day are only three major stages; it will either be taken, single or desperately waiting? Which one do you identify with?

Meeting People Online is Fun

While the concept of meeting like-minded individuals through dating websites is extremely common abroad, Indians are slightly wary in this regard. What would your reaction be if your friends who eagerly want you to start dating, ask you to make a profile on one of the leading Online Dating Sites of India?

The Date You Go Date-ing

I saw my best friend hopelessly google-ing the weirdest of online dating sites, hoping to find someone who could be a part of his oh-so-boring life.

9 Strangely Adorable Habits Of Your Shopaholic Girlfriend - The TrulyMadly Blog

A shopaholic is always seen as someone negative. And though all the girls have a little bit of a shopaholic inside of them, a shopaholic girl surpasses all on the lines of zeal and passion.

Where There is a Match, There is a Way

Today, the people have the option to make friends online, chat with them and share their world with each other.

5 Life Values to Discuss with Your Partner

The beauty of today’s relationships is that they come in all shapes and sizes, have numerous objectives and aren’t afraid of venturing off the well trodden paths of convention.

What’s so scary about online matchmaking?

All things new can be scary and that’s natural. But when it comes to our industry, it’s our responsibility to tell you the truth about why a few people are apprehensive about online matchmaking and how their fears actually don’t apply to

Lakshmi Rebecca is a filmmaker, anchor and vlogger. She runs India's first award-winning Youtube channel, is a travel vlogger, runs an audio podcast series called India Startup Chat and blogs about life. She is single girl and a creative entrepreneur. Check out her work at I've been divorced 9 years now.

Security tips for Online Dating

Online dating is a gift the Internet has given us- a gift through which we can date over the internet without indulging into the hassles of a physical date....

What to Look for In a Dating Site

These days everything is about the online world. There is no aspect of ones life that cannot be accessed by the internet. And the major players of this area are the social networking sites.

Are you planning to meet someone new in your life? People often head to a bar or ask their friends for suggestions. But if none of the above ideas appeal you, then you can think about online dating. Online dating is very popular these days and is perfect for those who are bored of the...

Why Online Dating is Cool with Youngsters!

In today’s date the youth is out there trying everything out and taking back some experience from each of them. True, life is full of adventure and what good is a life which is dull and mundane with nothing to tell about to others, or to think about later on.