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List of Water Sports in the Maldives – Making the best of it

In order to enjoy a vacation in the Maldives to the fullest, it is obvious that one has to take to the water as the country is mostly made up of water. Importantly it also provides the correct conditions in which to enjoy many water sports options.



The Maldives has some of the World's best diving destinations. Although diving is possible year round there are definite diving seasons. From December to May during the North East Monsoon the eastern side of atolls enjoys good visibility while from June to November during the south west monsoon the western side of atolls offers the better diving options.



Snorkeling is one of the most popular water sports as unlike diving no experience is required, only the ability to swim. Fins and a snorkeling mask can be rented from resorts and after getting instructions on how to stay afloat without getting carried away by the current, visitors can snorkel on house reefs all day long.


Jet Skiing

Whizzing around on jet skis is a great way to get around the islands and to enjoy scenic surroundings. No previous experience is required although some familiarization will be necessary for first timers. Anyone older than 16 years can have a fun day out on the water solo or with up to six friends. The latest craft with low emissions and low noise levels are used for guided safaris that include island hopping.


Surfing / Wind Surfing

Flat water and a constant light wind from December to May are the ideal surfing conditions for beginners. Choppy seas during the south west monsoon from May to October are suited to advanced surfers. April to June is peak season as there are fairly consistent swells. Conditions from October to April though favourable are unpredictable. Resorts have the necessary gear for hire and instructors to assist guests.


Knee Boarding

Knee boarding needs the same conditions as for surfing, big waves of which the Maldives have several destinations depending on the monsoons. North Male Atoll is well known for its breaks with Pasta Point providing the best and most consistent breaks.


Kite Surfing

The wide, crowd free beaches at Maldivian resorts are the best places to try this sport. However it needs to be mastered well. How to position oneself correctly in relation to the wind to achieve lift off, various positions of the kite when it is up in the air, vertical kite positions to achieve the greatest pull and how to control the kite and the best position to keep the kite at optimum power need to be mastered first.


Wake Boarding

The sport involves a rider being towed behind a specially designed boat that can generate the right kind of wake for the rider to surf on it on a board. The calm lagoons around the resorts in the Maldives mean that both beginners and experienced wake boarders can enjoy this exhilarating sport. The water sport centres at resorts have experienced staff to teach beginners the basics and tricks of wakeboarding. All materials can be rented at the centres.


Deep Sea Fishing

The open ocean around the Maldives offer excellent year round opportunities for deep sea fishing for hard fighting big game species. Many resorts also offer specially equipped boats and crew experienced in locating fishing grounds to enable game fishermen to catch large tuna or barracuda.



Kayaking is not only one of the best ways to explore the sea and the house reefs around resort islands in the Maldives but is also among the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The sports centres in the resorts offer training for novice kayakers and hire kayaks and safety gear suited to different activities.


Banana Boat Rides

Banana boat rides are the most popular water sport at many a family friendly resort as a whole party of family and friends can get on the boat resembling an inflated banana, be towed out to sea and be bumped around by the waves, come back to port and be tossed into the water. The lush vegetation, white beaches, shallow lagoon and a healthy house reef are all there at Maafushivaru Maldives one of intimate resorts in Maldives to have a wonderful tropical holiday.