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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Dec 04, 2020
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Top 10 Budget- Friendly Home Renovation Tips

Summer is fast approaching! Aside from the fun and excitement it brings to everyone, this is also the season for home renovations. One of the major factors why people prefer to have their homes remodeled is the perfect weather. More and more people are getting their plans laid for this project. Though, home improvements shouldn’t be that expensive just to achieve a new and more beautiful space. Here are the top ten budget-friendly tips you can consider to make your home renovation project worth every penny.

Budget For A Remodel | House Logic

Setting a realistic and affordable budget should be your first priority. Deciding on what you want for your home is easy but it is quite tough to determine how much you can afford for this project. To make sure that you can efficiently set a budget, you can follow a four-step plan in order to come up with the best solution.

Do This Remodel Project Yourself or Hire a Pro? | About Home Renovations

You have to decide whether you want to DIY or hire a pro for the renovation. It is important that you determine how much you can do considering your capabilities and artistry. Though DIY would be cheaper, some things should be left to the professionals to ensure the safety and the quality of the outcome. You also have to consider your budget before giving your final decision.

Remodel For Less With Reclaimed Materials | Bank Rate

To make your remodeling project cheaper, you can use reclaimed materials. You can shop at various vintage shops, home salvage stores and other shops which offer reclaimed materials at a cheaper price. However, you have to be very careful in selecting the materials and don’t cheap out. Avoid buying too old stuff which may contain hazardous materials, instead be wise.

Interior Painting Tips: How to Paint Your Walls Like a Pro | Popular Mechanics

If you are on a tight budget, putting up wallpapers in every room can be very expensive. So, to better save your money for other things, you can repaint your walls instead. This is a DIY step that you can do like a pro if you follow the right ways on how to do it. A pop of color could already make a big difference in your home just make sure to choose the right colors.

Budget Home Remodeling: It's All Done with Mirrors | The Blade

One of the most efficient ways to create more space in your home without having home additions is to put mirrors. Adding mirrors on wall spaces to reflect the light could make the room appear larger. Hence, you can create a space without spending much on room expansions. This technique can help you save money during your renovation.

8 Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget | Money Crashers

In remodeling your home, of course you want to give every room a makeover. The first room on our list is the bathroom. You don’t have to spend too much just to make your bathroom more relaxing, fresher and cooler new space. There are various ideas that could help you achieve your bathroom goals without busting your budget.

10 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas | Style At Home

For most of us, kitchen is the best place where we can be with ourselves. It is where you cook for your family and special someone during meals and special occasions. This summer, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look. Try new ideas to make your kitchen a brand-new look that would spark your interest of cooking.

10 Inspiring Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeovers! | Curbly

Bedroom is our sanctuary after a long day at work or at school. Given this, we all want to have that relaxing and calm setting after renovation. Spending thousands of dollars for the renovation is good, but spending less to make an excellent bedroom makeover would be great. You can transform your room into a fabulous place by following thrifty inspirations.

Smart Chic: Living Rooms | HGTV

Turn your living room into a place that you’ll definitely love to stay in. It is where you and your family usually hang out, which is why living rooms should be part of your renovation project. Style and function should be considered, however, you don’t have to spend great money on it. Follow tips and tricks on how to achieve a chic living room on a small scale budget.

The Best Home Improvement Projects For Your Dollar | Jameswood Homes

Lastly, there are some projects along this home renovation task that you can do on your own to save more money. Adding, installing and upgrading your appliances or furniture are just few of the many projects that would best justify your expense. These are cost-effective ways to upgrade your home.