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What You Need To Know After You've Been In A Car Accident

Car accidents are complex and can be confusing right from the start. What do you do? What steps do you take to ensure you are protected? Follow this list in order to make sure you make the best decision possible in protecting yourself and your loved ones after a car accident.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case? Are there any signs?

If you were injured due to the negligence of another person or entity, you have a potential personal injury case. Whether is it worth pursuing legally may depend on several factors/variables. Briefly, those variable include: Can the other's negligence be proven? The severity of your injuries; Did the person/entity that caused your injuries have insurance?

Why should I use my own insurance (health or auto) if the other driver is at fault?

You're in an accident. You aren't at fault. Yet you need to use your own insurance. Why? As having been in an accident caused by someone else, understand that the at-fault party's insurance carrier has no legal duty to you at all.

How do you determine a value of a personal injury case? What factors are involved?

The value of a personal injury claim, in general, is based upon three factors: Nature of the injuries and damages; Extent of the injuries and damages; Duration of the injuries and damages. What parts of your body are hurt (nature of the injuries)? How bad are the injuries (extent of injuries)?

Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Cheap Lawyer

The biggest mistakes people make in their personal and business affairs is 1) hiring cheap lawyers or 2) not using an expensive lawyer nearly enough. They think they are "saving money". But beware: Hiring a discount lawyer may show you just how expensive cheap legal help can be.

Be careful of what you put on social media: This applies to EVERYONE!

The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct ordered a Galveston County judge to enroll in a four-hour class on the "proper and ethical use of social media by judges," after she created Facebook posts about her trials.

I have no health insurance how am I going to pay for medical care after being involved in a car accident?

This is a very common question, and a question that every experienced trial attorney should not only be able to answer, but able to remedy. Many people do not have health insurance. When involved in an accident, they need medical attention.

5 Tips to help you win your personal injury case: What you need to know

Personal injury cases can be very complex. There are many variables involved, and there are many unknowns that are to be expected. With that being said, below is a short, yet effective list of the key factors of a successful personal injury claim. Remember. Protect your rights. Get the facts.